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What Can Women Dress Up Like for Christmas Theme Party?


With the holiday season approaching, everyone is getting excited about Christmas parties. So before shopping for a party dress, check out this list and find out what womens costumes you can try for a Christmas party!

The Ugly Sweater

An ugly sweater is a humorous Christmas-themed knitwear garment, often decorated with garish or tacky Christmas motifs. These sweaters are typically worn in the United States to holiday parties and other festive gatherings. In recent years, they have become popular outside of North America and within it, particularly in Europe and Japan.

The aesthetic quality of an ugly sweater varies widely. They can be made from cheap materials that make them look even uglier or expensive ones that emphasize the “ugly” aspect by being unevenly sized, misfitting or imperfectly designed according to standard fashion conventions. Some people even wear them intentionally because they think they look funny and not because they want to fit into their social scene better.

The Naughty Elf

This one is a classic, but you can’t go wrong with it. It’s the female elf most commonly associated with Christmas, and plenty of naughty variations are available to help you look your best. The traditional red and white dress with a green collar combo and more risque versions feature thigh-high boots or short skirts. If you’re feeling incredibly daring, there’s even a naughty elf costume consisting only of an elf hat and some strategically placed accessories! Everyone will be saying “Ho ho ho” before you know it!

The Sexy Santa

Who says Santa has to be pure and chaste? You can turn this jolly old elf into a sultry seductress with the right outfit. You’ll need a red suit—or better yet, something even more risqué. Red lipstick is a must-have accessory for your evening look. To complete the transformation, wear a white beard and wig (you can get both at many costume shops). If you’re still feeling bolder, don’t forget to accessorize with cute Christmas-themed earrings!

For those who are after something more subtly naughty than overtly sexy, we recommend adding a Santa hat to give your look an added touch of festive flair.

The Sparkling Snowflake

For Christmas parties, it’s best to wear a sparkly dress. You can add some accessories like earrings or a necklace that has snowflakes on it. If you are going to a New Year’s Eve party, then wear a tiara or headband with a snowflake on it as well.

Christmas is a time to show your fun side.

It is time to show your fun side and have fun with your costume. You can choose to be a naughty elf, sparkly snowflake or sexy Santa. Your friends will be impressed by the creativity of your choice, and you will have a great time together. Do explore your options on Smiffy’s to find the perfect costume.

Christmas is a time to show your fun side. You can dress up as an ugly sweater or naughty elf, but this year try something different! Why not be the sparkly snowflake? It’s not only cute, but it’s also easy enough if you’re on a budget. If you still need to sell on our ideas, try something that represents your personality.

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