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5 tips to help you make a fashion statement with a custom bandana


A bandana is a fantastic fashion accessory that gives you a classic look. This piece of clothing is so versatile that you get a fashionable look in no time. There are great varieties of bandanas, however, check out the latest styles of custom bandanas on 4inbandana

By Custom bandanas you can get the bandanas of your own choice. However, there are numerous ways to carry a bandana.

Let me show you the 5 tips to help you make a fashion statement with a custom bandana

  1. Around the head

There are several ways to carry a bandana on your head. It gives you an attractive look with so many varieties. Women can tie the bandana around the bun. 

Moreover, carrying a bandana in your ponytail is a perfect idea. If you are a beach lover, and still hitting it after a temperature fall, carrying a bandana as a head cover would be a safe idea. 

Men can tie the bandana around their heads; it gives them a rock-star look. Carrying a bandana around your head with a casual streetwear dress offers a vibrant look. 

To get a long rectangular look, lay the bandana flat and fold it multiple times. Now tie it around your head as a tie knot. 

  1. Stylish neck bandana

Carrying a bandana around your neck gives you a classic and cutest look. There are so many ways to tie a bandana around your neck. This look is more trendy and ideal for both men and women. However, women can give it a butterfly shape to look cute and sweet. 

For smart and casual occasions, bandanas around the neck always look modern and stylish. Go for a small bandana to keep the appearance ingenious. Wrap it around your neck and tie a knot in the front. 

  1. Bandana around a wrist 

Tying a bandana around your wrist is the most stylish and simple way to make a fashion statement. The black bandana with white skulls conveys a vibrant and edgy casual appearance. Fold your bandana neatly and tie it around your wrist. Extra wrapping and unusual folding, however, do not reflect an elegant appearance.

  1. Pocket square bandana 

Another incredible and versatile style is to use a bandana as a pocket square. To look smarter, fold the bandana that matches your dress and place it in a jacket pocket. Always consider the fabric and size of the bandana. The bandana should be thick enough to poke out of your pocket while remaining small enough to avoid adding too much bulk.

  1. Facemask bandana 

A bandana as a face mask adds a stylish and elegant touch to your attitude. Furthermore, wearing a bandana as a face mask is one of the most recent trends. These are easily washable and can adequately cover your face.

It’s a wrap! 

Bandanas are fantastic fashion accessories that can be worn in a variety of ways. People in the 80s and 90s undoubtedly used it frequently. But now people have started to carry bandanas to get a classic look. I’ve discussed 5 tips to help you make a fashion statement with a custom bandana. To look smarter and fashionable; carry the bandanas as per the given tips. 

Thank you for being so considerate!!

Anas Shumail
Anas Shumail
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