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Fun Facts You Need to Know About NHL


The NHL is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s also one of the oldest, having been around since 1917. Over time, there have been many changes to the game itself and how it’s played. For example, goalie masks were introduced in 1959! But did you know that there are many fun facts about hockey that most fans don’t know? If so, then read on for some interesting tidbits about this exciting sport:

Bobby Orr’s famous goal was not technically a goal

As a diehard hockey fan, you’re familiar with Bobby Orr’s famous goal. In 1970, the Boston Bruins defenseman scored one of the most famous goals in NHL history when he kicked it past Montreal goaltender Ken Dryden. But did you know that this goal wasn’t technically actually a goal?

The puck was shot over the net, but the referee ruled it in after deeming it to have crossed Dryden’s crease. The NHL changed their rules after this game because they didn’t want players to be able to score by kicking pucks into nets anymore.

The longest game in NHL history lasted 176 minutes and six seconds.

The longest game in NHL history lasted 176 minutes and six seconds. The game was between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons, who were playing at Olympia Stadium in Detroit on March 24, 1936. In overtime, a puck got shot off a stick and into the crowd of spectators. A fan named Cora Collette picked it up and returned it to play—she also gave her name as “Cora” in a newspaper article that followed soon after. That’s right: Cora Collette is still alive (and 92 years old) today!

The fastest overtime goal was 11 seconds long.

Another fun fact about the NHL is that it holds the record for the fastest overtime goal ever scored. This record was set by Boston Bruins defenseman Bobby Orr, who scored an 11-second overtime goal in a game against the St. Louis Blues on October 15, 1968. Once they saw this effortless display of skill and speed, hockey fans began referring to Orr as “the Boston Strangler.”

While he may have been known for his nickname, Orr also earned a reputation as one of the greatest players in NHL history—he won three Stanley Cups (1969–1970), two Hart Memorial Trophies (1966–1967), two Norris Trophies (1964–1965) and an Art Ross Trophy (1968).

Toronto has one of the most successful teams in history.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the most successful teams in NHL history. They have won 13 Stanley Cups, making them the most successful Canadian team. The Montreal Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups; however, they are not a Canadian team anymore since their move to St Louis during World War II.

How many times has each team won a Stanley Cup?

The New York Islanders have won 4 times; Los Angeles Kings have won 5 times; Chicago Blackhawks (4) and Boston Bruins (6) also lead with 6 wins apiece!

The $6 million man

You may have heard that Wayne Gretzky was the first NHL player to make a million dollars. But did you know he also holds the record for highest salary ever?

Gretzky’s first contract with the Edmonton Oilers in 1979 was worth $1 million—a huge sum at the time. Three years later, he signed an eight-year contract worth $6 million with the Los Angeles Kings and another in 1996 for $8 million with the St. Louis Blues.
So there you have it! Some interesting facts from the history of the NHL. It’s been an exciting ride so far and you should keep an eye on the NHL team schedules to see the fun live. The 2022 season is going to be exciting. So, check the Direct TV schedule to plan your day accordingly.

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