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How Old Is Jojo Siwa? Jojo Siwa Age, Bio, Family and Net Worth


If you have a question in mind about Jojo siwa age, The answer to that question is 20. As of 2023 Jojo Siwa has become 20 years old. Jojo Siwa has been an Actress, singer and YouTube sensation since her young age, but she was not the same from start. At a very young age, she began her career as a rude reality television personality. You can find out everything there is to know about Jojo Siwa age, biography, family, and other relevant details below.

Who Is Jojo Siwa?

Jojo Siwa was born on 19th of May 2003 in Omaha, Nebraska. Joelle Joanie Siwa is Jojo Siwa’s full name. Her father Tom was a chiropractor and her mother Jessalyn owned a dance studio at that time. Jessalyn was also a professional dancer. Jojo Siwa has a brother Jayden Siwa who is older than Jojo. Jayden is a vlogger. Jojo siwa age is 20 as she had her last birthday this May.

Basic facts about Jojo Siwa:

Full NameJoelle Joanie Siwa
Father NameTom
Mother NameJessalyn
Nick NameJojo
Birth Date19 May, 2003
Jojo Siwa Age20
Height5 feet 7 Inches
Net Worth$20 Million
Zodiac SignTaurus

Jojo Siwa Career:

She had a keen interest in and inclination for dancing since Jojo Siwa age was 5. She loved different dance styles such as Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and lyrical. Jojo began her professional life considerably earlier than most individuals do. She was the youngest participant on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2”. Jojo with her mom Jessalyn appeared on the show and made it into the top 5. Then she got eliminated. The failure did not make any impact on her and she auditioned for (A.L.D.C). Later in 2015 she was selected as a part of a dance company. And then Jojo and Jessalyn appeared on reality show ”Dance Mom” and took their trophy home. 

In 2016 Jojo Siwa appeared on “The Thundermans”, “Bizaardvark”. She uploaded “I Can Make You Dance,” her debut YouTube video. This video went viral on YouTube and became so popular. And then she started to continue being a youTube personality and shared her successful single title”Boomerang”. As of now she is a famous entrepreneur and sells her merchandise through online stores.

Why Do People Like Jojo Siwa?

You’ll like Jojo Siwa for a variety of reasons. Her character and her social group are somewhat shown by her personality. Here are a few:

Jojo Siwa Hard Work:

Jojo Siwa age matters the most when it comes to the work she is doing. Since Jojo was a child she has been in the public interest. Although she initially found it challenging, She eventually succeeded in juggling employment and study. She earned her GED back in 2019. Jojo works really hard every day, filming, practicing, creating YouTube videos, and meeting fans.

An Example Of Self-Love:

Siwa is often called “bold” or “childish” but she remains calm and does not let any of these comments get in her way. She also claims to adore what she does and how she looks. And she is unchangeable.

A symbol Of LGBTQ:

Taking into account all that has been said thus far about Jojo Siwa age, family, career, accomplishments, and net worth, her fans perceived her as L.G.B.T.Q. She continued, however, by saying that because Jojo is pansexual, she does not want to categorize her sexuality.

5 Things You Really Need To know About Jojo Siwa

Child Artist:

Jojo Siwa age was 2 years old when she did a solo dance performance.

Siwa’s Home:

Jojo Siwa lives in a $3.4 Million Mansion in California.

Candy Bedroom:

Jojo has a bedroom with all colors of rainbow. Furthermore there is a big wall with candy dispensers.

Hair bows:

Jojo sells a lot of hair bows. Her sale of hair bows in 2018 was around 40 Million and made about $400 Million.

Her Argue With Justin Bieber:

After he wrote “burn it” next to a picture of her car in 2018, she and Bieber got into an online argument.

FAQs Related To Jojo Siwa

What is jojo siwa age?

Jojo Siwa age is 20. She has her last birthday on May 19 2023.

Is JoJo Siwa Engaged?

JoJo Siwa has never been engaged. Fans mistook Siwa for JoJo, an American singer-songwriter who had just announced her engagement.

Is Jojo Siwa dating Kylie Prew in 2023?

No Jojo is not dating kylie prew currently but they are good friends.

Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant?

No JoJo is not pregnant. However she loves to do pranks.

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