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7 Commercial Window Tinting Errors and How to Avoid Them


There are many types of window tinting for both residential and commercial settings. But all of these tints come with a crucial warning: do not install these types of films on your own. All types of window tints can come with serious issues if they are not installed the right way.
But if you want to do it yourself, you need to be very careful about how you install them. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you. Let’s take a look at some of the commercial window tinting errors and how to avoid them.

1. Not Properly Cleaning the Window Surface

Commercial window tinting errors can be costly if not avoided. One of the most common window tinting failures is not properly cleaning the window surface.

Dirt, dust, oil, and other particles can contaminate the adhesive. This reduces its effectiveness and leads to bubbling, peeling, and other failures.

To ensure a successful window tinting job, properly clean the window with a glass cleaner. Then use a lint-free cloth to remove any remaining dust or dirt particles.

Once the glass is clean, use a squeegee in a “W” pattern to remove any remaining residue or lint. This will ensure an optimal surface for the tint adhesive to adhere and fully bond with the window. If done properly, this will result in a seamless and long-lasting commercial window film installation.

2. Using the Incorrect Type of Tint

Using the incorrect type of tint can be a costly mistake when it comes to commercial window tinting. Common types of tinting films consist of solar, blackout, decorative, and safety films. Each of which has its unique properties.

If you use the wrong type of tint, you may not achieve your desired effects. You might fail to have privacy, energy cost savings, enhanced security, and improved UV protection.

To avoid this mistake, consult with a commercial window tinting professional to discuss your wants and needs. Ask them for advice on the types of tint that would best achieve them. 

You should also compare product warranties. Then, research the manufacturing tint company before selecting a tinting film. Doing these simple checks can help ensure that you choose the correct window tint.

3. Incorrect Tint Installation

Incorrect tint installation is when the tint is incorrectly cut and installed, leading to visible flaws and weak coverage. To avoid this, ensure that you use the correct methods. You need to make sure that measures and tints are according to the correct specifications. 

4. Incorrect Cutting Techniques

Incorrect cutting techniques are one of the most common commercial window tinting errors. If the tint is not cut to the exact size and shape of the window, you could end up with wrinkles, folds, or white edges. These mistakes make for an unattractive finished product.

So you need to use high-quality tools specifically designed for window tinting. This is because those that are intended for general use may not be precise enough.

Make sure to measure the window being updated and use the measurements to plot the exact tint size. Cutting too large can create wrinkles while cutting too small can leave unsightly petals along the edge of the glass. With the right tools and proper measuring techniques, you can avoid this costly and time-consuming mistake.

5. Failing to Account for Extreme Temperatures

Errors in commercial window tinting can be costly, both in terms of money and time. One common mistake is not taking extreme temperatures into account when before the window tinting process. This can result in unfavorable heat buildup within the building, causing discomfort and higher energy bills.

To avoid this problem, consider the climate in the area. Then, pick a tint with adequate heat and glare rejection for the time of year and the amount of direct sunlight the building will receive. For example, UV-repellent tints may be necessary during the warmer months to protect against skin damage.

Being aware of potential problems is important. It’s also more important to take the necessary steps to prevent them. This can help protect the windows and the people inside the building.

6. Falling for the Cheapest Services 

Even if you’re determined to do your tinting, there might come a time when you’ll prefer hiring window tinting services. And the truth is, you might opt for the cheapest service you can find. 

Unfortunately, this decision can lead to more trouble than it’s worth. Many of the cheaper options out there may not use the highest quality materials or most up-to-date techniques.

To avoid these costly mistakes, it is best to select a window tinting service that has extensive experience in the field. You need to find a company that is well-known for its quality of work. By doing your research, you can ensure you are getting a professional who is well-respected and uses the highest quality materials. 

7. Not Setting a Budget

Not setting a window tinting budget when researching commercial window tinting services is a mistake that can be easily avoided. Taking the time to assess the situation and decide on what sort of budget is necessary is paramount.

Consider the types of commercial window tinting services that could fit the size and scale of your building. Then, get multiple quotes and estimates. Allowing yourself ample time to research the services by the different companies and the associated costs are a great place to start.

Comparing different techniques, materials, and the reputation of the various businesses is important. It’s what separates a great value decision from blindly choosing an overpriced service. Not setting a budget can lead to costly returns and not receiving the desired outcome. 

Avoid These Commercial Window Tinting Errors

With the right knowledge, the right skill set, and a bit of extra time, you can avoid costly commercial window tinting errors. You just need the right resources. In no time, you can become a professional in this field and provide top-quality results or if not, you can hire professionals to do the job and supervise.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning today – the world of window tinting awaits. Experience the benefits of tinted windows now.

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