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Tiktok Job Rescinded But Why The Contract Ends?

tiktoker job rescinded

It’s clear that the U.S. job market is experiencing a major change in its current phase. The COVID-19 epidemic has shaken several different companies and some businesses that have been able to survive 2020-2022 or earn a lot of cash from its economic changes and even though there have been many discussions about a “labor shortage” it seems like people are focus on getting a good job as they’ve always been.

Companies With Their Employees Forced

Many companies who are forcing their employees to return to the office when it’s been prove that they can fulfill all of their work tasks at home. And be even more products are being hit in entice employees to join their teams. Perhaps living through the effects of a pandemic or reading various posts about work on Reddit. Which has caused people to not willing to work in jobs they’re not enthusiastic about.

Whatever the reason, there are always a lot of people looking to find dream jobs. One TikToker described the exhilarating experience he had to endure after quitting his position at Verizon for eight years to join a different company after being offered Tiktok Job Rescind.

Then he resigned from his position at Verizon and had put a considerable amount of effort into. But only to find out that the company that replaced it was unable to fulfill their contract.

The Jobs Posted On TikTok

The unfortunate twist of events made @migimigz22 unemployed and he posted about his situation through his TikTok account. Where he received diverse responses from the public.

Tiktok Job Rescinded..


There was some confusion over why the world he didn’t put on his notice of two weeks until. He was offering the onboarding documents at the new job. Others thought that the whole scenario was a “sketch.”

Many were quick to condemn the man for the choices that he took which ultimately led to him being without a job. There were those who provided tips on how best to find an opportunity to work while currently employed.

Starting A New Job

Many said they’ll start at their new job. And will have sick days and paid days off till they feel comfortable at their new job. Other people who are job searchers saying that text messages and phone calls about offers aren’t valid contracts. And that potential employees should ensure that they are officially accept before quitting their current position.

What did happen to the TikToker of the first instance? For his part, Migi was able to get on his feet again and secure his new job quickly. Some people were wondering why he didn’t opt to go back to his job at Verizon and then go back to work. But for Migi it was not an alternative.

A Few Job Options

For his part. Not going back to Verizon was about making the process of progress: “I wouldn’t wanna go back to my previous job. Gotta keep moving forward,” the man said.

Although there appear to be plenty of jobs in the food service industry provide for everyone. However, there are some other markets that are seeing massive reductions in employment.

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