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Scale your Business Rapidly with a Translation Management System


To unleash the true potential of your brand in foreign marketplaces, you must have the right resources and tools in place. Entering a new market is just the first step, only with a solid localization strategy, you will be able to thrive your brand internationally. Considering the significance of brand localization, many companies prefer using a cloud-based translation management system to meet their brand localization requirements.

Professional solutions for enterprises help companies to scale their businesses internationally in a more sustainable way. Read this article to know about the top benefits of TMSs for businesses and how they support you to scale your business in foreign markets.

Using Cloud-Based Translation Management System for Business Scalability

If you are going to take your brand into a foreign market but are confused about buying a TMS tool, here are some major benefits of TMS that will give you some perspective on things, and you can make a better decision.

Manage High Volumes of Translations

Professional TMS allows you to manage a large number of content translations rapidly, in the quickest turnaround time. MT tools in your TMS would automate the translation processes and, literally in seconds, you can translate any document. Advanced AI algorithms of TMS generate quick translation with no human involvement. It makes your translation generation process quite independent of humans. You can customize the language pairs in your TMS, based on the languages you’re targeting.

Simplifies Translation Workflow

Your translation operation’s workflow gets super organized with professional TMSs. It eliminates all complications and speeds up the localization task management. TMS machines would manage more work which reduces the need for manual work. For instance, there is no need to copy-paste any text from spreadsheets to TMS. Or, you don’t have to send excessive emails to the concerned person providing an update about project progress. File management is also much easier when you have a professional localization platform. All translated files are stored at a central location automatically, from where they are accessible to all localization team members. These systems make file management easy, and they also make sure that there are no redundant documents in the system. So, you don’t have to worry about duplicate data, which is a major concern when you use traditional translation methods.

Encourage Digital Workplaces

After COVID-19, most people shifted to work from home because all offices were shut down. During this time, people have sort of accepted the idea of working from home on a large scale. Especially writers and translators find peace in online workplaces, where they can do their work remotely without following strict routines. Being an international business, you have to work with remote employees. Especially native translators who work from remote locations.

 Traditional translation management processes create a lot of inconvenience for remote employees who are unable to collaborate on various work-related things going on in the office. With a cloud-based translation management system, you can fill the communication gap between remote and in-house staff. Most TMSs have live-chat features to make it easier for project managers, freelancers, and full-time employees to eliminate communication issues. Cloud technology in TMS allows remote employees to collaborate with office teams in real time.

Reduce Localization Cost

Budget and costing are a matter of huge consideration when you scale your business in a foreign marketplace. A Professional translation solution for enterprises can significantly cut your localization cost, making it much easier for you to expand your business globally. It will reduce your dependency on professional translators, and you end up hiring fewer people. When you hire fewer people, you have to pay monthly salaries to fewer employees. Moreover, TMSs use advanced algorithms that not just optimize your work processes but also reduce the chances of errors. It means there will be fewer chances of edits that will save up your resources. Based on your unique localization needs, you can always customize your package from the TMS vendor. And, as your business needs increase, you can upgrade the TMS features accordingly to meet the current demand.

Easier To Track Project’s Progress

When you use a cloud-based translation management system, it gets much easier for you to track your projects’ progress because of its transparency. Project managers prefer using a professional TMS for localization project management because it gives them more control over things. You can ask your vendors to provide your real-time and on-demand reports that would allow you to make more informed decisions about your localization project. It also allows you to improve the quality of your outcomes by making timely improvements in the processes. So, having a professional TMS gives you a bird’s eye view of what is happening throughout the localization project, and which steps need to be taken to achieve the desired results.

Final Words!

Scaling your business is super easy when you use a professional localization platform or TMS tool. From streamlining your everyday operations to optimizing the quality of translation, these systems help you effectively carry out your localization project till the end. However, to achieve maximum work efficiency, you should only invest in a system that contains all the required features. Do your research to find a credible translation solution for enterprises available in the market.

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