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Most stylish Glasses By Etnia Barcelona


Most stylish Glasses By Etnia Barcelona that Etnia Barcelona glasses can bring to your world. Etnia’s high-powered crystal lenses are what “enable[e] the intensification [of primary colors thereby allowing for high definition (HD] vision.” Etnia’s sunglasses also offer 70 times more vision than other lenses, and this is due to Etnia being unique. Who wouldn’t love glasses that lift the veil from the ordinary world and reveal a new world of technicolor brilliance?

Best Color Controls

Etnia Barcelona allows you to see the world in all its brilliant hues. You can also wear these colors on your face. David Pellicer, CEO of Etnia Barcelona, is an artist at color. The Etnia brand spends almost as much time creating new colors for lenses and frames as it does crafting them. Etnia Barcelona is the only manufacturer of eyewear that has patented five hundred unique colors.

First Appearance Of Colors In Eyewear World

At the age of 23, Pellicer became the first pioneer to introduce these colors to the world of eyewear. This was a world that was previously dominat by black, smoke greys, and topaz. These colors are so unique that you must see them in person to fully appreciate their beauty. Pellicer says that they are the pioneers of studying color and its psychological effects. Our trend boards are design for our collections. We prepare combinations based on fashion trends and ready-to-wear.

First Launch Of Etnia Barcelona

Pellicer launched Etnia Barcelona in 2003, in Barcelona, Spain. His goal was to create unique colors and the highest level of technological innovation. His unique knowledge of facial anatomy makes his glasses some of the most comfortable and fitting in the world. Pellicer says that Etnia Barcelona glasses are known for their comfort and beautiful design. The result is some of the most comfortable and natural-looking eyewear available.

Pellicer gained his hands-on experience working in the optical manufacturing company of his father, helping to ensure quality production. He oversees every stage of the manufacturing process from the initial sketch to the final polishing of the acetate to a high shine. Because he is an independent company, Pellicer can insist on total control over the manufacturing process of each of his finely crafted creations.

The World Of Lenses

Each pair of Etnia Barcelona’s perfect-craft glasses is the result of many smaller pieces of meticulously crafted perfection. Their unique crystal lenses, for example, are made in Italy by Barbarini SpA, a world-famous lens maker. These stylish glasses by Etnia Barcelona are among the most advanced and technologically sophisticated in the world. 

The unique hinge mechanism that Etnia uses to fit glasses fluidly to faces is also made by Comtec. Master artisans Mazzucchelli in Italy produce Etnia’s unique colors and acetates using only the best, 100% organic kinds of cotton. After twelve weeks of aging, the material is at its highest quality.

The Brand’s Appearance Without Any Marketing

Looking back at the beginnings of his company, Pellicer admitted that he had no prior knowledge about the business side of eyewear. However, he was determin to offer the best in eyewear technology and innovative lenses to the world. Pellicer says that Etnia frames were create without any prior marketing knowledge, no understanding of global logistics, and little business experience. 

What Etna had? It was the desire to win over people with beautiful frames, quality products, and a passion to inspire our customers. We also wanted to keep improving and innovating the best designer eyewear collection.

Etnia gives its customers the unique opportunity to choose the frame and shade that best represents their inner self.

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