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Top Five Trends In Customer Service SMS


One of the most critical aspects of customer service is responding quickly. With a two-way SMS conversation, customers can send questions or requests to support teams and receive a response as soon as possible. 52% of consumers say they would use text to communicate with customer service. The key to success is ensuring that you respond quickly and efficiently.


Developing chatbots for customer service SMS is an ideal way to automate customer communications and improve customer engagement. Chatbots can be programmed to respond to questions and provide information, manage responses, and even perform actions. In addition, they can be programmed to include animated GIFs and buttons and can be used to create engaging conversations. They can also handle a large number of customers at one time.

Chatbots are ideal for SMS customer service because they enable proactive support without human interaction. As text messages are opened four times more than emails, SMS chatbots are a highly effective customer service solution. Moreover, with customer service SMS, there is no need to deal with long hold times and inconvenient callback options. Therefore, Chatbots for customer service SMS are an excellent way to improve CSAT while lowering costs.

Face-to-Face Video

Adding Face-to-Face video support to your customer service SMS messages is a simple way to boost customer satisfaction. This technology allows you to communicate with your customers in real time, which is crucial for building trust and loyalty. It also helps you optimize user settings and reduce first-call resolution time.

Face-to-face video chat is beneficial for solving complex technical problems. Face-to-face communication can eliminate the need to interpret written messages, and a video chat helps you identify the exact cause of the problem and provide the correct solution the first time. Video chat also offers the benefits of speed and ease of use, which customers will appreciate.

When implementing Face-to-Face video in customer services SMS, set the webcam and audio settings correctly. Also, don’t randomly send invitations since customers don’t want to get a surprise! Using an app such as Podiumchat allows you to gauge if your customers would be interested in watching a video.


Using personalized customer service SMS messages can improve the customer experience, increase engagement and click-through rates, and increase sales. It’s a great way to make your brand stand out in the crowded world of text messages. Here are a few ways to incorporate personalization into your customer service SMS campaigns.

First, you can customize your messages by segmenting your customers. You can do this using multiple variables such as gender and country. Then, you can customize each message to be relevant to each segment. For example, you could send personalized offers to subscribers in a specific part of town based on their gender and age. This approach can work well for restaurants and retail stores.

Another reason to use personalized SMS messages is to build a customer relationship. People tend to respond to personalized messages better than generic ones. You can use a marketing service to personalize messages to import subscriber information and phone numbers.


Consumers are increasingly turning to SMS as a way to interact with businesses. In fact, according to ZipWhip, over 34% of companies are using SMS marketing to stay in touch with their customers. However, businesses are still hesitant to use this method of communication. However, it’s possible to boost sales by using it effectively.

First, SMS is convenient. It’s much easier for customers to send and receive texts than to respond to emails. Additionally, it’s easier for consumers to respond to SMS messages than to wait on hold or make several transfers over the phone. Second, SMS dramatically improves customer service by eliminating long wait times and multiple transfers. Third, SMS marketing can help businesses build brand loyalty and enhance profitability.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for customer service. More than 65% of customers prefer to provide feedback via social media over surveys. Using social media to provide customer service allows customers to share their opinions in seconds. Simply tagging your company on a social network will let your customers send you feedback.

When using social media to provide customer service, your response should be tailored to the social media channel. Be courteous to your customers and avoid deleting negative comments. You should also follow copyright laws and confidentiality policies. Depending on your sector, these regulations may change often.

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