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Top 10 Types of Videos That Every Business Can Use


Long gone are those days when creating videos used to be an expensive affair, and only the wealthiest organizations could afford it. Video content is storming over the internet and has become one of the most liked and used mediums for customers to know and understand the products and services.

Whether you have a small or big business, you need to use videos as it is an excellent tool for building trust with potential customers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most influential and cost-effective ways to communicate with your target audience.

But, you need to ensure that the quality of the videos should be amazing; therefore, you can use an online video maker to create a unique and flawless video. Every business can use various types of videos; want to know about them? Let’s get started.

Types of Videos That Every Business Can Use

Here is the list of videos that every business can create that can help increase their brand awareness and generate leads –

1)    Explainer Video – These videos are best to explain how the product or service works. An effective explainer video is of around 3 to 5 minutes, in which you explain how the product works by demonstrating its usage and what is in there for the customer. This makes these videos more effective than others as it explains even the complex concept and technology with utmost ease.

They are basically educational videos telling your audience how it solves their problem. By the end of the video, viewers have enough knowledge to take the following action based on the new skills they have learned.

2)    Product Video – If you sell a product that is not easy to explain, creating a product video can help. Every business can use product videos to show the features and benefits of their products, plus they can also show how it works along with it. These videos show the product attractively beyond what text or images can achieve.

 3)    Testimonial Marketing video – You also know that people influence people as a buyer. Therefore, creating testimonial videos by posting honest reviews can change people’s opinions or convince them to purchase your product. These videos have proven extremely powerful in influencing customers’ decisions.

When potential customers see how satisfied and passionate your existing customers are, they assume they will also have a similar experience. Therefore, creating a video of an existing customer using your product and telling a story about how it helped them will excite new customers about your brand or product.

 4)    Onboarding videos – If you want to make your customers feel special, then creating onboarding videos can be of great help. When a lead converts into a successful sale, how will you welcome them to make them comfortable? You can create an onboarding video to include all the products you offer, a short intro of the company, customer support, etc.

Create a polished onboarding video using a good video maker, as the first impression is the last.

 5)    Promotional Videos – These videos help create buzz around a product, its update or features. Such videos help people see the enthusiasm and feel the new product’s excitement. You need to end the video with a friendly call to action so that people who like the product can immediately purchase it.

Promotional videos persuade the viewers to purchase the product or sign up for a service; their focus is on achieving the end goal.

 6)    Company culture videos – Every organization has its own culture, and in today’s time, people look and are keen to know about the work environment when determining job fit. Therefore, it is recommended to create company culture videos, as they let customers see who you really are behind the scenes. This is a great way to connect to your customers and employees.

Company culture video works in various ways such as for marketing, as a recruitment tool and to build an internal culture.

 7)    Sales Videos – You might not know that videos can also be an excellent sales weapon. You can share a pitch with anyone worldwide by creating a fantastic product video. Then, you can make a sales video presentation with the help of a video maker, as they offer you pre-made templates that help make an elegant video within a few minutes.

So, you need not spend a lot of time creating this video; all you need is to take a good salesperson from your company and ask him to showcase the product with its features. It is an easy and economical way to make the most of a video.

 8)     Live streams – Going live is a new phenomenon for marketing purposes. If you are conducting sessions, hosting conferences or sharing any big news, you can turn these events into a live stream; this way, you will be able to reach a larger audience without much effort. Facebook started this live stream option in 2011, which has helped many businesses.

Therefore, if your company already has a lot of subscribers on Facebook, then doing live streaming can be a good option. You can also start with a live Q & A session with your audience which helps build a good relationship with them.

 9)    Tutorial videos – These videos can help your customer, especially if you sell a complex product. For example, if you sell a steam iron, you can explain how to assemble it and its various uses through a tutorial video. These days, people do not like reading instruction manuals and instead prefer watching tutorials as it makes them understand better.

You can ask your customer service team to record the tutorial video as a demonstration for customers who need assistance.

10)    Social Media Videos – Every business should use these videos because they help increase brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. You will find many such videos while scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account, etc. But you will get success only if you create videos that grab the viewers’ attention, as users are scrolling through thousands of videos every minute.

Ensure that the videos you post on social media platforms are engaging, entertaining, and informative. Keep these videos short to maintain engagement, as viewers do not like watching long videos.

Bottom Line

No matter what you wish to do for your business, such as promoting products, diversifying your business, connecting with customers, sharing big news, etc., high-quality video can do everything. You can create any video as per your product and audience, but ensure that they are engaging and unique. See more business blog posts.

David Hudson
David Hudson
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