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Tips To Iron Clothes Like an Expert


Do you find it hectic and troublesome to iron clothes on a daily basis right before going to work? Do you fail to get rid of creases and folds in spite of ironing with all your might? If yes, then you need to embrace a few expert tips and tricks to get your ironing done in no time. Ironing clothes is not an easy task. At times, the wrinkles and creases can be too stubborn. At other times, the fabric of the clothes can be a tad too sensitive, and as such, the clothes may get damaged by the heat of the ironing machine. If you are scared of ruining your outfits then you might consider opting for ironing service in London at Hello Laundry. When it comes to ironing clothes near me the best thing to do is to go for the ironing services available at Hello Laundry. However, if you would rather iron clothes at home then you may adopt the ironing tips and tricks discussed here to make your day easier. 

Easy tips for ironing clothes at home

Choose a flat iron

Test the quality of the iron before you buy it. Make sure that the surface of the iron is completely flat. Ironing clothes with a flat iron helps in getting rid of creases easily. 

Remember to keep the appliances clean

Make sure that the flat iron and the ironing board are squeaky clean. The board often tends to accumulate dirt while the flat iron acquires moisture and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria over time. Wipe the iron and the ironing board with a soft towel right after use in order to maintain cleanliness. 

Always use a flat ironing board

It may be tempting to iron clothes on the table or on the bed, but ironing in such a way is always a mistake. A tip that always works when it comes to removing stubborn wrinkles and lines is ironing clothes on an ironing board. Spread the clothes on the ironing board and iron the wrinkles out on the flat surface of the board to make sure that the clothes become smooth and wrinkle-free. 

Iron the clothes with long and straight strokes

A cool technique to get rid of wrinkles and folds quickly is to iron the clothes with long and straight strokes. Move the iron from the top to the bottom of the shirt or dress in a single direction and with one long swipe. Longer strokes also help in doing away with new creases in the clothes. Make sure that you maintain a low temperature in order to prevent burning holes in the fabric of clothes. 

Set the right temperature for ironing

It is important to set different temperatures for different varieties of fabric. If the fabric is silk, chiffon, nylon, silk, lace, or polyester, then, make sure to set the temperature to a low setting. Iron the clothes of delicate fabric at a very low temperature setting. On the other, for clothes of cotton, the temperature of the iron can be configured to a medium setting. There is an auto temperature setting as well for garments of tougher fabric. 

Iron the clothes while they are moist

Iron the clothes a few minutes after washing to make use of the moisture. It is pretty easy to remove wrinkles from damp clothes. If the clothes have become dry then spray the clothes with a little amount of water to moisten the clothes before ironing. If you are not a fan of ironing moist clothes then you may consider using a steam iron. Steam irons have a water chamber that is to be filled with distilled water for ironing the clothes. The steam from steam irons helps in smoothening the wrinkles quickly. 

Quicken the speed with aluminium foil

Did you know that you can cut down on the ironing time simply by using aluminium foil? Place the foil right beneath the cover of the board while ironing clothes. The foil reflects the heat of the iron and enables the ironing of both sides of the garments at the same time.

Put the ironed clothes way carefully

Do not neglect the clothes after ironing them. Instead, fold the ironed clothes carefully and tuck them into the wardrobe neatly. Use hangers to hang the ironed clothes in the wardrobe shelves to make sure that wrinkles do not develop over time. 


Now that you are aware of the ironing tips and tricks, it is time to get down to business with the pile of laundry. However, if ironing clothes at home seems too tedious and time-consuming for you, then you can always sign up with Hello Laundry for affordable ironing services. At Hello Laundry, we iron all kinds of garments and deliver the neatly packaged ironed clothes to your registered address in no time.

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