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The Benefits of Digital Residential Parking Permits


Residents in residential permit parking areas can apply, purchase, and manage their tickets online. This allows communities to eliminate the burdens of printing and distributing physical hang tags.

In addition, managing permits with a parking technology solution provides valuable real-time data for operators to understand their parking resources better.

It saves Time and Money

Residential parking permits are popular in major cities for their ability to keep crowded neighborhood streets available to local drivers and raise money to support public transit. Montgomery County implemented a digital permit system in 2015 and stopped distributing paper and sticker permits in its 51 neighborhoods with on-street parking restrictions. But the program wasn’t as cost-effective as expected, and residents started complaining that they couldn’t get a permit quickly enough or that the county didn’t enforce parking rules in their communities.

Digital parking solutions are the fastest and most convenient way to buy and display a permit for your vehicle. Rather than visiting an office or waiting in line to purchase a sticker or hang tag, customers log into a digital permitting platform like gtechna and select a permit type, zone, duration, and rate. They can even create a visitor permit for guests or commercial work vehicles with a simple tap on NFC or QR code scan on lot signage.

Aside from convenience, digital parking also saves the organization and its citizens significant time and money by eliminating the need to produce and distribute physical permit materials. Subtract printing, labor, and material costs from your total expenses, and a digital parking solution pays for itself in no time. A digital system also allows customers to save on replacement fees that can be charged under traditional methods if a resident misplaces their permit sticker or hang tag.

Reduces Paperwork

A physical parking permit can be easily lost, misplaced, or destroyed. A digital solution, however, eliminates the need for physical paperwork and can be securely stored in a resident’s online account. This makes it easy for residents to access their permit information and allows parking managers and property owners to keep accurate, up-to-date records at all times.

A digital parking management system allows operators to sell permits by duration rather than type. For example, customers can select their preferred one-day, monthly or annual permit duration, and the system will automatically match their selected date range to the corresponding rates. This flexibility makes it easier for customers to purchase permits, reduces staff administrative work, and allows parking management to optimize their parking resources.

As the number of parking spaces in urban areas dwindles, more and more employees struggle to find safe and reliable parking near their workplaces. Whether driving their car or using a company vehicle, many consider residential parking permits to ease their daily commute and reduce the frustration of searching for available spaces. Many organizations even include parking permits as part of their employee benefits package, as they offer significant savings on parking fees and improve overall satisfaction. A digital solution also makes it easy for residents to renew their permits online and for visitors to purchase a temporary visitor permit from an online portal, reducing the time it takes to process applications.

Increases Security

When communities go digital with their parking permitting systems, they can eliminate the need for physical hang tags and stickers that quickly get lost. This saves the community money on printing costs and helps to eliminate waste. It also allows residents and guests to avoid paying a fee for a replacement permit should they misplace theirs.

With a digital system, customers can easily purchase daily, monthly, academic, or annual permits. These are automatically displayed in the design and charged based on the current rates.

This digital permitting system is an excellent solution for neighborhoods that are overly impacted by long-term on-street parking from commercial areas, malls, hospitals, and other businesses (called parking generators) that cause overflow parking on residential streets. In addition, the technology can be paired with a parking enforcement app to help ensure that vehicles parked in a residential permit zone are authorized to do so.

A digital permitting platform also enables parking operators to track vehicle information in real time and quickly identify who is in their lot, where they are, how long they are there, and what they are doing. This information is invaluable for parking operations to optimize staff and visitor spaces, prevent violations and improve customer service. However, it’s important to note that a parking tech solution should not replace or substitute an organization’s current processes for obtaining or managing permits.

Maximizes Revenue

As the industry goes digital, parking operations can optimize permit management processes to maximize revenue. This allows customers to access parking-related information through a single, centralized platform. This also enables parking operators to identify authorized and unauthorized vehicles in real time through license plate recognition.

The elimination of physical permits reduces printing, distribution, and administrative costs. As a result, parking operators can provide residents and guests with more convenient and added-value features for a better overall experience.

For example, residents can easily view a record of their virtual visitor permit purchases and activations in their online accounts. They can also change their vehicle records and reactivate the permit when needed. A temporary no-parking map is also displayed, enabling residents to inform their guests of areas to avoid easily.

Ultimately, an intelligent permit system allows for a more streamlined permit process which reduces operating expenses while increasing the utilization of your parking spaces. The ability to quickly identify authorized and unauthorized vehicles in real-time also helps to create safer and more efficient parking environments for everyone involved.

If you want to eliminate the hassle of registering, distributing, and tracking resident decals while maximizing parking revenue, contacts us today for a free site analysis. They can help you create an innovative, cost-effective, and easy-to-use parking solution to transform how your team manages residential and guest parking.

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