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How to organize a virtual award ceremony the right way


Recent data published in Psychology Today shows that one of the main ways to inspire workers to be more productive is through organizational support, which hosting an awards ceremony to show your appreciation for exceptional employees can help you do.

In the meantime, other employees can also see the value in going above and beyond to help motivate them to do better in hopes of receiving public recognition during the next awards season.

An awards ceremony also doesn’t have to take place at a fancy venue, which, given today’s flexible work climate, is not always fitting. But it can also take place virtually using the following tips:

Determine the Award Categories

The award categories you select will ultimately determine who qualifies to win the awards, so be sure to choose meaningful genres to make the most impact.

Narrow Down a List of Nominees

You will next need to narrow down a list of potential nominees, which your team members can help you do.

So consider sending out the criteria for potential award winners using a free online survey tool, such as SurveySparrow, to help make it easy for employees to nominate candidates they feel meet the standards.

It also enables you to tally all the votes in one place.

Publicly Acknowledge the Nominees

Once you have a solid group of nominees, the next step is to let everyone know. This can be done by listing them on your website, blog, via electronic mail, or other correspondence.

You may also consider sending out personalized nomination awards, such as custom plaques, to each candidate to congratulate them.

Vote to Determine the Winners

From the list of nominees, next, you will need to vote to determine a winner in each category, which can also be done using an online survey tool.

You may also consider sending a short visual recording to personally congratulate both the nominees and the winners for their exemplary work.

The awards for the winners can also be sent out ahead of the event if you choose.

Select a Video Conferencing Platform, Streaming Service, and Equipment

To successfully host your virtual awards ceremony, you will need a dependable online video conferencing platform and streaming service to connect your participants.

Therefore, be sure to choose a platform that offers the features and addons you need to suit your gathering. You can begin by researching online reviews and/or by seeking your team member’s input on which video conferencing tools to use or avoid for the best outcome.

You might also consider investing in an external microphone for your computer or smartphone for sharp audio.

Good lighting will also help ensure a commendable time.

So if the ceremony is to occur after dark, consider incorporating a light set up for a bright view. However, if you are hosting the event during the day, consider placing your video equipment by the window for natural light.

Promote Your Virtual Awards Ceremony

With all the fine details of your ceremony finally worked out, you next need to send out invites to your guests and sponsors, if you have them, to get the word out.

This can be done via emails, group texts, or more traditional modes of communication, and be sure to send them early and frequently to generate interest in the event and keep it fresh in their minds.

You can also ask for a response to help schedule a date and time that is best for everyone.

You need to also be sure your invites include important details, such as the virtual address for your ceremony and the formal dress code required, which will help it feel more like a red carpet moment.

Conduct a Test Run of the Ceremony

A few days before the ceremony, check that the internet connection, background, audio, and video features are working properly, which will give you time to fix them or create a backup plan if necessary.

You should also practice your presentation to ensure it is effective and will be delivered in the allotted time.

In the end, planning a virtual awards ceremony doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just be sure to conduct multiple practice runs before the event to protect against technical difficulties, and then prepare for hours of celebratory fun with your employees, which is sure to create a memorable experience for years to come.

David Hudson
David Hudson
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