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How to Get Better at Warding League of Legends


Warding is a crucial element in League of Legends gameplay. It allows you to gain vision of the map, track enemy movements, and prevent ambushes. If you’re trying to be a better player by improving your warding abilities is an absolute requirement. This article we’ll talk about some tricks and strategies to assist you in becoming more proficient at warding in League of Legends.

Understanding Warding

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to understand what warding is and why it’s important. Warding is the process of placing an area of wards on the map in order to get a perspective of the surrounding area. Wards can be placed in bushes, on the ground, or in the air. They allow you to see enemy movements and track objectives like Baron and Dragon. By warding, you can also prevent ambushes and ganks, which can give you an advantage in the game.

Warding Objectives

To get better at warding, you need to understand the different warding objectives in the game. There are a few crucial areas to put the wards:

  1. River: The river is a crucial area to ward because it connects the top, mid, and bottom lanes. Warding the river allows you to see incoming ganks and track enemy movements.
  2. Jungle: Placing wards in the enemy jungle can give you valuable information on enemy movements and objectives. This is especially important if you have a strong early-game champion who can invade and steal enemy camps.
  3. Dragon and Baron: These are key objectives in the game, and warding them can give you an advantage in securing them. Placing wards around Dragon and Baron allows you to see enemy movements and track when they attempt to take the objectives.

Warding Techniques

Now that you know the key areas to ward, let’s discuss some warding techniques to improve your gameplay:

  1. Use your trinket: Every player has a trinket that they can use to place a ward. Use your trinket to ward key areas like the river, jungle, and objectives.
  2. Buy Control Wards: Control wards are a more expensive type of ward that can reveal enemy wards and stealthed champions. Buy control wards to deny vision to the enemy and secure objectives like Dragon and Baron.
  3. Ward when you’re ahead: If you’re ahead in the game, use your advantage to ward aggressively. Place wards in the enemy jungle to track their movements and prevent them from coming back into the game.
  4. Ward defensively when you’re behind: If you’re behind in the game, ward defensively to prevent ambushes and ganks. Ward your own jungle and entrances to your base to prevent the enemy from taking objectives or pushing your towers.
  5. Coordinate with your team: Warding is a team effort, and you should coordinate with your team to ensure that key areas are warded. Contact your team members and ask them to assist you achieve your objectives and the regions of the map.

Warding Tips

Finally, let’s discuss some additional tips to help you get better at warding:

  1. Check your minimap: Always keep an eye on your minimap to see where the enemy is and where they’re headed. This will allow you to determine the best place to ward off and when you should retreat.
  2. Use pings: Use pings to alert your team when you see an enemy or when you’re about to ward a key area. This will allow your team to react quickly and stop ambushes.
  3. Switch to sweeper trinket: Once you reach level 9, switch to a sweeper trinket. This trinket allows you to detect and destroy enemy wards, denying them vision and giving you an advantage.
  4. Keep wards up-to-date: Wards have a limit duration and can be destroyed by the enemy. Make sure to keep your wards up-to-date by placing new ones and removing old ones that are no longer require.
  5. Be mindful of your ward placement: When placing wards, be mindful of their placement. Make sure they are in a location where they can provide the most vision and avoid placing them in areas where they can easily destroy.
  6. Use wards to bait the enemy: Sometimes, you can use wards to bait the enemy into a trap. Place a ward in a location where the enemy can see it, and then ambush them when they come to destroy i
  7. Upgrade your trinket: If you’re having trouble keeping up with warding, consider upgrading your trinket. Upgrading your trinket will give you more wards and reduce the cooldown on your sweeper trinket.


Warding is an essential element that is essential to League of Legends gameplay, and enhancing your warding abilities can provide you with a solution to how to get better at warding league when playing.

By understanding the key warding objectives, using proper warding techniques, and following these tips, you can become a better warder and help your team secure victories. Remember to communicate with your team, keep your wards up-to-date, and always be mindful of your placement. Through practice and commitment You can turn into an expert warder in League of Legends.

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