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How does Athenahealth Compare with Qualifacts?

Athena EMR

Athenahealth EMR: This software provides web-based Network care coordination and management practice. Its main aim is to enable the clients to do the right thing.

Qualifacts: It is the largest source of cloud-based Electronic Health Records and software for human services and behavioral health states. Some of its great features include faster payment, clinical operations, billing, etc., facilitating over 20,000 healthcare providers worldwide.

Athena EMR Features:

AthenaOne organizes and performs quality and official services, ensuring payments and tracking all physician orders so doctors can deliver their best to patients. Doctors enjoy unlimited access to the best medical practices worldwide, 24/7 support, and up-to-date and quality rules and guidelines. Athena EHR proves best for physician executives, clinical managers, healthcare executives, hospital administrators, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants 

  • Appointment Calendar

        AthenaOne employs a dashboard through which one can front-office staff quickly view your calendar, and patients can use it to schedule appointments easily.

  • Appointment Scheduling

      Its appointment front displays all A/B testing tools and the client’s billing info that acts as a reminder for patient appointments

  • Clinical Notes

      Athena Medical software enables efficient note-taking.

  • Customizable Reports

       Athena EMR ensures customizable monthly and weekly reports with a wide range of filters

  • Billing Tools

      Athenahealth provides a large number of billing tools for brushing medical claims and handling denials

  • Electronic Orders

      Using athenaClinicals, you can generate new prescriptions and labs, adding to diagnoses.

  • Interoperability

      This characteristic ensures the continuous sending of patient data to other sources and vice versa.

  • Patient Portal

      Athena EMR includes means for HIPAA (Health insurance portability and accountability act) compliant messaging and patient appointments.

  • Telehealth

      Through this feature of your EMR, your patients can join appointments without any new software or gadgets.

  • Patient Intake

       Athena notes present medical ailments, allergies, and history of medicines with a patient’s status and vitals.

  • Medical Network

       Athena consists of 150,000 providers and uses data from all to offer suggestions on making compelling performances.

 Athenahealth is highly recommended for:

  • Medical setups that need one on one consultancies.
  • Clinical practices that required comprehensive management features and financial reports.
  • Small setups that may need a pricing model to lower their software costs significantly.

Who uses Athenahealth?

Most organizations using athenahealth have around 10 to 50 employees with a net worth of $1 million to $10 million in revenue.

Athena EMR Reviews:

AthenaOne is a medical software consisting of an EMR system, medical practice management program, and billing tools

  • Offers features for patient engagement and document management
  • AthenaOne includes modules for EMR (AthenaClinicals), billing (athenaCollector), and patient engagement (AthenaCommunicator)
  • The friendly user interface to keep you going through patient information
  • Cost, easy to incorporate, and Advanced MD
  • Athena has enabled us to streamline patient intake and exam documentation by using excellent tools to improve Documentation,               standard, and consistency making it easy for providers to see patients efficiently
  • The chart is easy to Navigate to Track information
  • Easy to use
  • Large no of features
  • Great layout
  • Continuously updating users
  • COMPLETE PRODUCT: Registration to Billing and collecting payments

 Carelogic Qualifacts Features:

CareLogic originated from Qualifacts, headquartered in Nashville and founded in 2000. It is an ONC-certified system that is configurable and gives providers a combination of administrative, clinical, and financial facilities like treatment plans, service documentation, scheduling ePrescribing, consumer engagement, billing, and reporting.

CareLogic EHR provides the ability to organize, visualize, and act on data while streamlining data management and making informed decisions. With its base of dashboards and reports with sources to produce visuals and custom reports.

Its ODBC/JDBC Connector allows setups to use any preferred data and tools.

  • Scheduling

       Increases productivity and efficiency at the front desk

  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

       To enhance claim rate and make audits easy and also have the engine and Golden     Thread capabilities.

  • Analytics and reporting

     An extensive collection of dashboards and interactive, dynamic reports.

  • Performance dashboards

      Ability to recognize areas of improvement, increasing productivity.

  • The Golden Thread 

       Enable accurate treatment plan and assessment information.

  •  Custom form building tools

       Customize workflows to collect the required documents.

  • Interdisciplinary treatment plan 

       The streamlined and flexible treatment plan.

  • Impact on outcomes management

       Supports better patient outcomes with thorough screening, assessment, and outcome instruments.

  • Clinical quality measures (CQM) reporting

       Increased improvement in care and results with CQM dashboards and reports

  • ePrescribing

       See to patient safety issues and lessen the potential for mistakes by managing prescriptions online.

  • Mobile application

      Provide a mobile solution at the point of care irrespective of internet connection.

  • Consumer engagement

      Better patient care improves health outcomes and lowers costs.

CareLogic EHR by Qualifacts Features:

Electronic Medical Records Features

Patient portal and digital charting of patient’s history

Medical Security and Privacy Features

Minimize security risks and respect the privacy of data

Carelogic Reviews:

  • It provides for mental health professionals and staff charging needs
  • No leakage of information
  • Good pricing
  • Has MAR option for logging medications
  • Tracking and using care plans for patients
  • Simple and customizable
  •  Well suited for large organizations that have the financial means to employ their own IT and reporting staff
  • Capable of handling several different systems
  • Very quick and responsive
  • Effective EHR (Electronic Health record) with adequate customer support
  • Ability to customize the product/forms, General ease of use, and supportive

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