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Does Gon Get His Nen Back In HxH

does gon get his nen back

In 2022, we’re in the middle of waiting in anticipation of the next episode in Hunter x Hunter. The first anime adaptation came to an end in 2014 and the manga’s ongoing series has been on hiatus since the year 2018. So there are still a lot of questions regarding the way our favorite heroes are performing. What happens when Kurapika beat The Phantom Troupe? Does the cruise ever get to get into the Dark Continent? Is Leorio ever show up once more? What’s about the Gon Freecss losing his Nen?

Hunter x Hunter follows the tale of Gon Freecss. As a boy of extraordinary physical strength and a desire to become a Hunter as he seeks his father. Who is a skilled Hunter in his own way? He is joined by Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, and Leorio Paradinight in their respective set out. So to become Hunters in pursuit of their own goals.

Gon finally achieves his goal that he wants to be a Hunter and becoming a father figure, but it comes with a high cost. Through his lengthy and exhausting trip, Gon lost his Nen capabilities.

In Hunter x Hunter, who is Nen?

does gon get his nen back

To comprehend the situation of Gon it is important to know Nen and the way contracts creates in Hunter x Hunter. Nen reacts to the goals as well as the strengths and needs that the individual. Since it’s a mental system that is based upon the user’s uniqueness. In the end, the Nen user is able to increase the effectiveness of one particular ability by limiting other elements. Thus directing the energy toward one specific area. As an example when the Nen user chooses to focus their energy against a specific person and commits to that decision. The skill will grow more powerful.

Limitations are the constraints, and swearing to observe them is the contract’s basis. A strict Limitation is a sign of the level of vigilance that displays by the user. And thus the higher their capability. But, Limitations aren’t only positive. They can also be view as liabilities, and the user’s destiny can be uncertain.

In the York New Arc, the audience introduces to the idea through Kurapika when he was developing his Nen power. Much like Gon, Kurapika harbored a massive amount of anger and sought revenge on his family. Kurapika signed the terms of a contract and promised that he would only use his unique power, Judgment Chain, against members of the Phantom Troupe. The reason for this is because they are being the ones responsible for their involvement in the Kurta clan’s massacre. If the terms don’t respect then the man trades his life and inserts the Nen dagger in his heart.

What caused Gon to lose his Nen?

Gon was stripped of his nen following his battle with Neferpitou. The reason that this happened according to his family and friends, was due to the emotional pain he endured. When he realized the truth of Kite’s demise pushed Gon to the brink of despair. That he signed an interim contract with his Nen to pay for the death of the people who had wronged him.

The contract provided him with huge amounts of Nen which was far more than his body was able to take, causing the body to age. And transform into a muscular man who possessed enormous physical strength. The same form could be the same in 20 years’ time in the event that he continued to increase to the level he could. In the fight, he lost his arm. But it was a joy for him because it was as if he had been Kite when he passed away.

After ruthlessly degrading Pitou’s body, the agreement completes and turns Pitou back to his former condition. The sudden change in his body and the negative residual Nen is causing his body to be stretched to the point that it was possible that he would die due to a crucial error. He was left in the state of a vegetative. He was stripped of his Nen as a reward for the sudden surge of strength he employed to take on Neferpitou and his potential.

Will Gon get his Nen?

does gon get his nen back

When Gon is able to talk to Ging, Ging tells him that Gon hasn’t really lost his Nen. Ging informs Gon of his presence and that it was good while it was with him, and that he may not feel or see it any longer.

Ging says to him that he must decide what he would like to achieve in his own life. Gon’s goal was to meet the father of his children. Once the process completes, Gon can reflect on the way he plans to proceed in his future.

Concerning the question of Gon receiving the Nen returned. Ging tells him that the man must be aware that he placed an extremely difficult condition on himself to take on Pitou but he left everything behind.

Gon must think of it as a blessing that he’s healthy and well. If he wants to get his Nen back, then Ging warns him that there will be an expense to pay which, in all likelihood will be extremely taxing on Gon.

It is the responsibility of Gon at the moment to decide if he wants to continue his career as a Hunter or if he prefers to lead an ordinary life. In either case, Gon has reverted to his former state. Before he started his adventure and retains all his fighting and physical skills. As apparent in his accomplishment of having climbed the world tree to see his father.

Reviewing the events we have witnessed so to date. Chrollo Lucifer the leader of the Phantom Troupe, too was able to get his Nen back. Even though Kurapika put a limit on him not to ever Nen ever again.

If you follow this line, Gon too may regain his aura, however, Gon will have to pay an enormous penalty. Another option to allow Gon to get his Nen back is by following the standard route. That was taught to Gon by Wing in his classes during The heaven’s Arena Arc.

Nen is a simple word and can reffer to as”living force. Every living creature is a Nen. Therefore, Gon might be able to open his aura’s nodes as thinking about the entire course of his life.

It will certainly ensure that Gon at the very minimum as adept at making use of Nen as he used to be or perhaps even more. If Gon develops the ability to control and control his emotions as well as his thoughts. He will learn more effective uses for Nen.

Remember that Pitou claimed the fact that “his overall talent and strength as an adult was nearly equal to that of the newly born King Meruem”. If everything goes as planned it is possible to be able to see Gon. Where he’s returning towards the close of the Boat Succession Arc.

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