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6 Common Startup Payroll Errors and How to Avoid Them


Do you have a small business? Is your system and records for payroll in good order?

The common mistakes that entrepreneurs make with payroll can cost them dearly. Mistakes around tax, wage rules, and employment rights can result in a prison term or damages of up to 10 years’ wages. Many errors like these happen daily, with even the most diligent of accounts.

How can you avoid these common startup payroll errors in your business and keep your books in order? Keep reading to find out!

1. Running Payroll Late

To avoid errors, startups should create a checklist for correctly and accurately completing all payroll items. For example, ensure that all employee information is current, such as banking details, deductions or added earnings, and total hours worked.

Furthermore, ensure that payroll is processed promptly and that overtime is paid accurately to prevent costly mistakes. Review the payroll for errors before sending it to employees and paying taxes. If you are having problems creating payment schedules, you may consider using the help of payroll services.

2. Paying Incorrect Amounts

This can lead to significant financial repercussions if the company does not keep backup funds or enough capital. Businesses must be aware of fair wages in-line with industry standards for correct employee payment amounts.

Startups should also ensure that enough funds are allocated before distributing salaries. This is to guarantee prompt payments and avoid any disruption to payment consistency. 

3. Not Maintaining Payroll Records

Payroll records are a vital part of running a payroll, and not having them can lead to expensive fines and penalties in the long run. Keeping your payroll records updated and organized is the best way to cut errors. This can be done by routinely checking for outdated or inaccurate payroll records.

Companies should also keep a log of any payroll changes made and double-check the accuracy of each update. 

4. Not Paying Within the Minimum Pay Period

This can cause wages to be paid late, which can mean legal penalties and wage claims against the business. To avoid these errors, it is imperative to set up an organized payroll system for everyone’s wages.

The system should include automatic payment processes and timely follow-ups for late payments. Businesses can comply with minor pay periods and avoid costly fines or legal action.

5. Paying Incorrect Tax Rates

This can lead to fines and penalties for startups and disgruntled employees. To avoid paying incorrect tax rates, startups should stay up-to-date with local tax regulations and double-check their calculations before issuing paychecks. 

Keeping the correct records and using payroll software to streamline the process is best. 

6. Miscalculating Overtime Wages

Overtime wages are typically calculated at one and a half times the average rate if an employee works more than 40 hours weekly. This can be confusing if startups use different employee pay rates, which can make miscalculations more likely.

To help avoid this, startups should clearly state their overtime policies before beginning.

Be Aware of Common Startup Payroll Errors

Common startup payroll errors can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, by having proper documentation, correct calculations, regular audits, and keeping up to date on any changing regulations, startups can drastically reduce the possibility of errors.

Make sure to take the necessary steps to avoid costly payroll errors now!

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David Hudson
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