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4 Long-Term Fitness Goals Everyone Should Aim For


Over 90% of Americans set health and wellness goals each year. About 84% are actively working toward achieving them. Most focus on following a balanced diet (87%) or exercising regularly (85%).

Not sure what long-term fitness goals you want to work toward this year? Here are four fitness goals for beginners to consider as you get started.

Read on to learn more about setting smart fitness goals today.

1. Follow a Balanced Diet

You are what you eat. Before you can accomplish your ultimate fitness goals, consider your daily routine. Your body needs fuel in order to build muscle.

First, try reducing how much sugar you consume on a daily basis. Start by cutting out liquid calories first. 

Work to avoid processed and manufactured foods as well. These foods are high in fat without providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Instead, add more dark, leafy greens to your diet.

Leafy greens will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients!

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water daily, too. Aim for about half your weight in ounces each day. 

If you’re not sure how to follow a balanced diet, consider consulting a nutritionist or personal trainer. They can help you set realistic fitness goals while ensuring you make choices with your health in mind. 

2. Exercise Regularly

As you begin setting your fitness goals, consider the workout goals you want to achieve. For example, you might want to make working out part of your regular routine. If you struggle to stick with it long-term, consider working with a personal trainer. 

Working with a personal trainer will hold you accountable. They’ll also make sure you’re safe as you explore new workouts. You can get a local personal trainer here to get started.

Branch out! Consider trying yoga, pilates, or a HIIT class as well.

3. Make Better Lifestyle Choices

If you want to accomplish realistic fitness goals, it’s not enough to diet and exercise. Your daily routine can impact your ability to accomplish your goals.

For example, you might want to quit smoking or stop drinking in excess. Both can impact your overall wellness and ability to live a happy, healthy life. 

4. Stretch and Rest

Don’t overexert yourself. As you work to accomplish your goals, make sure you’re giving your body time to rest, too. A rest day will allow your muscles to heal from strenuous workouts.

Listen to your body. If you’re feeling sore or exhausted, plan an extra rest day.

Let your personal trainer know if you experience any problems, too.

Exercising releases cortisol (the stress hormone). If you’re already stressed, you’ll only wear your body down even more. Instead, try gentle yoga or go for a brief walk. 

Achieve These Long-Term Fitness Goals in 2023

Ready to slay your fitness goals this year? Make sure to talk to a personal trainer when setting your long-term fitness goals. They’ll help you make informed choices with your needs and abilities in mind. 

With help, you can set yourself up for long-term success!

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Madiha Rafique
Madiha Rafique
I'm a Master's student of Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I have done my survey-based research on Breast cancer and its relation with Diet Patterns. I have also participated in many types of research as a research assistant. I have 2 years of experience in SEO I am working as a content writer.


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