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What Duties Should You Delegate to Your Nanny?


If you’re hiring a nanny, there are specific responsibilities you should give her. These responsibilities will help you quickly get used to having her in your home and also help you feel better about her.

Vetting the Nanny Upfront About Some Issues Can Help You Feel Better About Her

Hiring a nanny can be a stressful process. You’ll have to ensure you are doing your homework, asking the right questions, and checking references. A few months may pass before you find the ideal find a full-time nanny for your family.

The first step is to interview potential candidates. Ask them about their experience. Be sure to cross off candidates that need to meet your standards. If you’re looking for a full-time nanny, you’ll want to pay her well. In addition, you’ll want to give her some paid vacation time.

Getting a written work agreement is also a good idea when hiring a nanny. Having a clear picture of the expectations you’ll have will prevent awkwardness. Also, include a list of vacation days, pay, and sick days. Not only will this help you and your nanny stay on the same page, but it will also give you peace of mind.

Many nannies are good people. But you should know that some hold strong views about religion, homosexuality, and race. Checking with your nanny’s references to see if there have been any issues is a good idea.

Keep Records of Hours, Days Not Worked, and What You Pay For the Nanny

If you’re a household worker, you know how important it is to keep records of your hours, days off and what you are paid. Keeping track of these simple details will make tax season a breeze. But if you don’t, you could end up with a big tax bill by year’s end.

The IRS has ruled that a household employee is an employee, so you are responsible for paying the appropriate taxes. A few tips to keep in mind include withholding taxes, registering, and filling out New Hire Reporting.

You should also be aware of the “Nanny Tax,” – which applies to household service providers, including nannies. Depending on your residence, you may be required to report your nanny’s payroll tax. Several states and jurisdictions require nannies to receive sick leave.

For example, New York requires employers to register with the state. In addition, it is mandatory to have workers’ compensation insurance for domestic employees working more than 40 hours per week.

Leave Emergency Numbers with Your Nanny

Providing your nanny with an emergency kit is a great way to ensure that your children will be well cared for in an emergency. This is especially important as more and more parents are entrusting their young ones to nannies. If you still need to do so, get a head start on your competition by providing your nanny with a first aid kit, spare clothes, and a few games to keep the kids occupied.

The best part is that your nanny can carry the kit when she goes to work. A backup caregiver will help alleviate stress for you and your nanny. It’s a good idea to have the phone number of a trusted relative, neighbor, or friend in the neighborhood.

Having a small notebook or bag with a list of essentials is also a good idea. You can find these in all shapes and sizes, from large binders to small, pocket-sized booklets.

Being a Positive Role Model

Being a positive role model for children is part of being a nanny. Nanny workers shouldn’t sit in front of the TV for hours or talk on the phone about personal matters all day. Another thing to remember is that even though your cell phone has text messaging features, you shouldn’t use it for either work or internet browsing. Being a nanny is all about putting the children first. Additionally, nannies should only host guests with their parent’s prior consent. Only invite friends or a significant other to the family’s home after getting permission from the parents. 

Write a Work Agreement

A work agreement for your nanny should outline the terms of employment. It should cover compensation, the schedule of work, and any particular circumstances. This is an important document to keep in mind, and it can save a lot of hassle for both parties.

Before you sign, discussing it with your nanny and family is best. Then, you can tailor the terms to meet your needs. You will also want to ensure you have the legal right to terminate the nanny’s employment.

In addition, specify the days of the week and the hours of the day. You should also include any overtime rates. Also, you should provide mileage reimbursement if your nanny is driving.

You should also state the exact date of termination. Although it’s up to you and your nanny to decide which day works for both of you, you should include the calendar date of your choice in the contract.

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