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Watch Terms You Should Know About


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the whirlwind of watch terms out there. While it seems like a lot, these words are used frequently and help you understand the various aspects of a watch. So before you buy an expensive luxury watch, you must understand these terms. 

Power reserve

The power reserve is the amount of time a watch can run without being wound, and it’s measured in days, hours, minutes and seconds. A watch with a longer power reserve has a mainspring that can store more energy than one with a shorter power reserve. The barrel stores all the energy from your movements to keep your watch running for as long as possible. This means that even if you don’t wear your watch for several days at a time, there will still be plenty of stored energy left when you put it back on again!

Watch Face

A watch face is the front part of a watch that you see when you look at it. It’s made up of a dial and a crystal.

The dial is the metal or plastic part that you see when you look at your watch. The crystal is what holds the glass in place; it’s usually clear, but sometimes watches have fancy crystals that can be colored or decorated on top of them, like in some Rolex green face models with crystals made out of precious stones like diamonds or sapphires. As per the experts at the Watchbox, “An icon in luxury and class, Rolex watches have stood the test of time and are a symbol of elegance for collectors and enthusiasts alike.”

Case back

The case back is the part of the watch that is on the back. The case back can be made from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, titanium and gold. It usually displays information relating to its production and other relevant details (such as water resistance).

The crown

The crown is the knob on the side of a watch. It’s used to set both time and date, as well as winding it. The crown can be pulled out to set the time or date and pushed in to wind the watch. If you’re setting an automatic mechanical watch, you may need to push in a little bit further than usual if it doesn’t seem like anything happens at first (this depends on your make/model).

The crown guards

The crown guards are a part of the case, but they aren’t just there to look pretty. The crown guards protect the crown from knocks, and they’re often made of metal so that they can take a beating.

The crown is what you see when you look at your watch face; it’s also called a bezel or bezel ring.

The dial

The dial is the face of your watch. It may be made of metal or plastic, and it’s usually decorated with markers and hands so you can tell the time. Most modern watches have a glass covering over the dial to protect them from scratches, but older styles might not have one.

As you can see, there are many terms you need to know about when it comes to watches. Hopefully, by reading this post, you’re now more familiar with these terms and can use them in everyday life!

Anas Shumail
Anas Shumail
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