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Understanding the Benefits of Having a Virtual Address

Benefits of Having a Virtual Address

Snail mail is making a comeback for business marketing, which makes sense considering that its ROI is around 29%. If you’re looking to leverage this tool to make the most of it, providing a virtual address to clients, vendors, and other third parties makes sense.

Here, we’re going to talk about what a virtual address for business purposes is. Read on to learn the basics and some of its greatest benefits.

What Is a Virtual Address?

A virtual mailbox is a location that you can direct mail to. This brick-and-mortar location receives your physical mail and scans the outside of envelopes and packages. With your consent, these services will also scan the contents of your mail so you can read it digitally.

When you sign up for one of these services, you’ll be given a virtual address. This will look like a physical address to keep you looking professional to those who send mail to the virtual postbox.

Professionals at Physical Address, the top virtual address service, will then upload the scans of your mail to your account. You can then securely log into your portal and read high-quality scans. For you, it will feel similar to receiving an email.

Lets You Access Mail Anywhere

Most people who get snail mail need to retrieve it from a physical venue. If you go there every day, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But if you aren’t on site regularly, you either won’t get your mail or will need to make a separate trip for it.

This is inconvenient and can lead to you missing important letters, bills, and B2B offerings. A virtual address service will scan these documents the moment they arrive and upload them to your portal quickly. You’ll be able to see them right away, determine whether you got anything important, and take whatever action the mail requires.

It’s also important to note that you can access mail from anywhere in the world. You can view and manage mail while abroad. You can also easily forward it anywhere in the world from your mobile device.

You Can Reply Promptly

Because you’ll access mail right away, you can also respond to it in a timely manner. Most people expect fast responses to both snail mail and email, especially in the digital age.

52% of individuals think that people should email them back within 12-24 hours, and it’s also important to reply to snail mail right away since this is the new norm. You may also be prompted to email people when you receive letters, so you’ll need to get the mail within just one day.

Prompt responses make you look professional, invested in correspondence, and enthusiastic to communicate with clients and other businesses. Virtual mail can help you boost your brand authority by enabling this.

Helps Remote Businesses

Although the pandemic has ended, 74% of employers plan to permanently use hybrid or remote work models. This makes sense considering that 55% of employees want to work remotely 3+ times each week. This switch is critical for employee retention and satisfaction.

Shifting to hybrid and remote models requires a lot of work. You need to implement new technologies for communication and efficiency. You need to communicate differently, set new expectations, and streamline processes and workflows in a new way.

A virtual address can help you through this process. Your snail mail will basically turn into something similar to email. People can communicate with you their way while you access their messages your way.

It’s a win-win and can make the physical-to-remote shift easier.

Keeps You Organized

When you work with a top virtual address service, it will be easier for you to stay organized. You won’t need to keep track of hundreds of physical envelopes. Instead, you can access all of your mail from one convenient online application.

This means you won’t lose important bills or documents. It also means you’ll be able to go back and find anything at a later date quickly. You’ll save time when you’re not rifling through papers constantly.

Secure and Safe

Virtual addresses are also secure and safe. You can shred documents virtually and expect that the print copy will also be shredded. You have full control over your mail.

Online applications are secured with professional technology. This will keep unauthorized users out and stop people from reading your mail.

Plus, since you will be giving people a virtual address, they won’t know where to find you. Your home’s location will be safe and your business will be physically secure as well.

Helps You Expand

Regardless of your hybrid/remote status, your company might consider expanding to new locations. You’ll need to rent new office facilities anywhere that you want to operate if you were to do so physically. Even if you’re remote and aren’t using the space constantly, an address will likely be a legal requirement for running a business in your area.

Renting an office you don’t need will be an expensive and inconvenient chore if you never use it. A virtual address provides you with an inexpensive alternative. You can put that address on paperwork, sign-up sheets, mailing lists, and more.

This will let you build a remote team in new areas with a professional-looking address. It will look to everyone else as though you have an office. Expanding to new areas and reaching new clients there will have never been easier.

Saves Money

With a virtual address rather than a physical one, you’ll save on:

  • Rent payments
  • Utility bills
  • Cleaning fees
  • Upkeep and maintenance
  • Office supplies

This will give you more money to funnel into remote operations, developing your core product, marketing, communications, and more.

Get Started With a Virtual Business Address

Now that you know some huge benefits of a virtual address, it’s time to learn more ways to streamline your business’s daily operations.

Check out the ‘business’ tab on our home page to learn more about remote work and professional privacy. You may also be interested in our ‘technology’ tab if you want to learn more about conducting business online.



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