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Troubled Feet: 5 Common Culprits Behind Your Foot Pain


Are you experiencing unsavory foot pain? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Chronic foot pain can make it nearly impossible to enjoy your life. This pain can be mentally and physically debilitating.

Fortunately, there are a variety of possible root causes. By identifying and addressing the major culprits, you can start on the road to a resolution.

To learn more about the possible causes for foot pain that you may be experiencing, just keep on reading.

1. Calluses

Calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that form due to excess rubbing and pressure on the skin of the foot. Though it may seem like a simple solution to just peel the callus off, this isn’t recommended as it can lead to infection, blisters, and other issues. The best approach is to take care of the skin of your feet, making sure they are healthy and moisturized, and to wear appropriate shoes for the activities you are doing.

2. Foot Injury

Injury is one of the most common culprits behind your sudden foot pain. You may experience pain in your foot from a wide range of issues, like a muscle strain, ligament sprain, or fracture. It could be due to something as simple as over-stretching your foot too far or something more serious like a strain, tear, or fracture.

3. Flat Feet

Flat feet are one of the most common foot pain causes. The condition, known as the “pes planus,” describes when the arch of the foot flattens or collapses. Flat feet can cause severe pain in the feet, ankles, and shins, as well as other parts of the body.

The pain can be caused by a lack of arch support, imbalance, tendinitis, increased pressure on the feet, or poor alignment of the bones of the feet. Flat feet can be genetic and are more common in middle-aged women than men.

Treatment for flat feet usually involves wearing supportive shoes and using orthotics. You can check this link if you want a customized one that can help reduce stress and strain on problem areas of the foot.

4. Ill-Fitting Shoes

Shoes are an important part of everyday life and many people do not take the time to make sure that they are wearing the right size shoes for their feet.

Ill-fitting shoes can cause a variety of issues including limited movement, blisters, and even joint pain and muscle strain. Poorly fitting shoes can cause the toes to be compressed, resulting in a pinching sensation or an uneven distribution of weight which can result in foot pain.

5. Foot Diseases

Diseases such as diabetes and plantar fasciitis are common culprits behind foot pain. It is cause by excessive strain and injury to the connective tissues near the heel of the foot, resulting in inflammation and pain. It is important to talk to a doctor or physical therapist if you are having chronic foot pain, as these are two of the most common sources of discomfort.

Identify Which of These Causes You May Have

Possible causes for foot pain don’t evolve on those five, so it is important to identify yours as part of understanding the best way to treat it. If the cause is not clear, it is best to consult your doctor for further insight. Foot and ankle pain can be a warning sign of a more serious problem, so get your feet check to ensure they are healthy and strong.

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Madiha Rafique
Madiha Rafique
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