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Top Manufacturing Jobs In USA In 2022


Manufacturing jobs are among the few industries jobs which were unaffected by COVID-19 despite the pandemic’s consequences. Since the majority of its goods are regarded as important, the company was also planned to carry on with certain precautions.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re hoping to gain from well-paying manufacturing employment. Here, we’ll talk about some of the top manufacturing careers that are attainable, going into detail regarding job descriptions, typical salaries, entrance criteria, etc. 

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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are arguably one of the first occupations that come to mind when considering industrial careers in the US. Employees are require to dedicate themselves to engineering tasks that involve designing, testing, and creating mechanical equipment as mechanical engineers.

Normally, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in science for engineering, or a similar discipline, would be require for this well-paying industrial position. This includes the demand for credentials, such as the EIT test, as a prerequisite.

Production Manager

Management of the efficient arrangement of machinery and the flow of materials would be in demand of manufacturing managers. Numerous components of the production process are managed, planned, and scheduled by them, who also make sure that each department adheres to the agreed spending plans.

Typically, applicants must have five years of relevant experience prior to being admitted. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a closely related subject as the minimum prerequisite, this would also involve one to three years of supervisory experience.

Assembly Team Leader

An Assembly Team Leader may be the best option if you want to take advantage of high-paying industrial work without committing to a degree. These people would be in charge of managing products, creating timetables, or delegating tasks. They are there to organize and direct workers who are putting together units on the flooring stations, components, or manufactured parts.

But it’s not exactly a place you can walk right up to. You could require an internship or formal training in the specialist field. To apply for this role, we advise that you have at least two years of experience working as an individual contributor.

Manager of Information Technology

You would need to hire, train, and oversee department staff in order to analyze and investigate new technologies if you were an IT manager. These would aid in improving or upgrading current servers, networks, or other IT hardware. These managers must be proficient in concern and have a thorough comprehension of the quantitative computer language.

As a corollary, a master’s degree in either computer science or information technology is likely to be a need. But you may also succeed with just a bachelor’s degree and some relevant work experience. Leading businesses like Verizon pay an amazing average of $140,000 for this position. California and New York are the states with the highest earnings, with average earnings of $185,640 and $190,390, respectively.

Electrical engineer

Electricians are the people in charge of all activities associate with electrical wiring, equipment, industrial spaces, or controls, and they may be the most essential component of any manufacturing business.

Installing, fixing, testing, or debugging any electrical gear and equipment may be part of their regular responsibilities. Additionally, they frequently collaborate with engineering experts when employed by manufacturing organizations.

Several specialized industries, including the manufacturing of automobiles, employ electricians. Additionally, they would be responsible for testing and wiring items before they are deliver to clients.

In the manufacturing sector, electricians with more expertise are in higher demand and may expect to earn more money. However, anyone with enough professional experience can become an electrician. Just an electrical license and two to four years of relevant industrial experience would be sufficient.

Operations Director

An operations manager requires to oversee and analyze the operational costs of commercial activities, if you’re thinking about higher-level positions. These could involve handling salaries, selecting employees, enforcing rules, firing employees, and promotions. They deal mostly with daily departmental activities.

The position is link to a high rate of work satisfaction. You should anticipate an average median salary of close to $110,000, particularly for bigger firms like UPS. Meanwhile, you may anticipate earnings of $157,720 and $164,090, respectively, if you choose the job in well-paying areas like Rhode Island or New Jersey.

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