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Top 5 Sales Enablement Tools


Willing to take your business to the next level by improving its sales, it’s time to get a sales enablement tool for your company or business. A sales enablement tool will assist you in aligning the data of your whole company and its products. Moreover, it will assist you in managing sales content so you can deliver them to your audience and attract them to the product.

However, the main thing is the selection of sales enablement tools. You need to focus on different departments to select the perfect sales enablement software for your company. You need to consider their operating system, engagement, management features, content handling ability, and other similar things before making a final call related to a sales enablement tool.

However, to make the selection more convenient for you, we have brought some top sales enablement tools. Here are the top 5 sales enablement tools and their features that will be perfect Uberflip alternatives and make it easy for you to choose the perfect one for your business.

1. Brainshark

Brainshark is one of the most popular sales enablement software. It has a variety of different features that make your work easier. The content management and sales alignment abilities make it a perfect software.


•           Training via webinars, documentation, and videos. In-person training is also available.

•           Well-set communication system that can be proceeded via messages or calls.

•           Different collaboration tools are present for effective results

•           Analysis and reporting of your current content and reviews to make them better.

The price of Brainshark is $420 per year for a single user. The drawback is that it doesn’t provide you with a free trial.

2. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is well known all across the globe for its assistance in improving sales. It will automate content management and other processes for better and more effective results.


•           Creating a pipeline for all the revenue teams of your company. It assists them in better understanding the deals and closing them successfully.

•           Automatic response feature that will allow you to conduct or transfer calls and other responses by a single dial.

•           Automatic inserting of smart book links into cadence.

•           Analysis and reporting of the whole system and tell you what is going on in your company. It will assist you to improve things.

Its price varies from $75 to $125 per month.

3. Highspot

It is one of the advanced tools. It gives new and innovative solutions to your sales-related problems.


•           Audio file management.

•           Content management and delivery to their right position.

•           Collaboration tools and customizable templates

•           Activity tracking system to check if everything’s going fine.

•           Identify and share the best process for improving sales. It involves retaining customers.

Its price is 600 dollars per user per year. About 40 people have access to it.

4. Content Camel

Content Camel is the most popular and well-structured sales enablement tool. It assists the users in taking their sales ahead of their competitors. It is equipped with a variety of advanced features.


•           It can be used for any business regardless of the fact how big it is. And the best thing is that freelancers too can use it.

•           Users with different training methods. Webinars, live training, and documentation are the top methods.

•           Different collaboration tools for effective management and a variety of presentation tools to display your content.

•           Content management and delivery features.

•           Managing the whole data and analyzing the performance of your employees.

Its price is $15 per month per user. Moreover, it also gives you a free trial and is a perfect showpad alternative at a reasonable price.

5. Mediafly

It’s the last one on our list. It is equipped with all the features required to enable your sales.


•           It assists you in account-based marketing to enable sales.

•           Content marketing to grab new customers by getting their attention.

•           CRO and CDP to handle, deliver, and use data efficiently.

•           Assist in managing different events related to your sales.

 Mediafly charges $30 per month per user.

Final Verdict

All of the above tools are best for your business. But to make your work more easy, we recommend you to use content camel. Its high-class features and reasonable pricing make it superior to others. Moreover, it also has a free trial for a better understanding of this tool.

David Hudson
David Hudson
David Hudson is a dedicated content writer with three years of experience in the business niche. His ability to produce high-quality content, infused with industry knowledge and expert insights, has made him a sought-after writer. With his exceptional writing skills and expertise in SEO, David continues to drive good content on websites, helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape.


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