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These 5 groups of people are more suitable for studying in Singapore


Due to its excellent environment and high-quality education, Singapore attracts a large number of international students to study abroad every year. In view of the unique advantages of studying in Singapore, this article summarizes five types of people who are more suitable for studying in Singapore.

1. Students who are not well adapted to Western culture

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia, and the proportion of Chinese is very high. Its cultural etiquette and some concepts are relatively close to some East Asian countries, especially China. Since Singapore is a country with a mix of Eastern and Western cultures, multi-ethnic cultures, and the main official language is English, it is also influenced by Western culture. Therefore, for Asian students who are not very comfortable with Western culture but want to study abroad and experience a different life, Singapore is a balance point.

2. Students with average economic conditions

The cost of studying in Singapore is relatively low. Compared with European and American countries that cost tens of millions, the annual cost of studying in Singapore is much lower, which is affordable for families with ordinary economic conditions. Although the cost is much cheaper, the quality of teaching is not inferior to that of European and American countries, and the cost performance is quite high. In other words, Singapore enables international students to receive a world-class education at a more affordable price.

3. Students who use Singapore as a springboard

There are many institutions of higher learning in Singapore that jointly run schools with universities in Western countries. Students who study certain majors can transfer to European and American countries in their later studies, or they can first obtain an undergraduate degree in Singapore, and then transfer to European and American countries at the postgraduate level. In addition, the degree of the universities in Singapore is also recognized by Western countries, so after completing their studies in Singapore, students can go to Europe and the United States to seek employment.

4. Students with poor English scores

Singapore’s bilingual culture is also a good environment for students with poor English to learn English. Private schools in Singapore do not strictly require language scores, and students can take language courses at school and then enter professional courses.

5. Students who wish to work in multinational companies

In recent years, the employment situation in some countries has been relatively severe. It is not easy for many undergraduates to find a better job, and it is even more difficult to go to large multinational companies. MNCs prefer candidates with study abroad backgrounds because they have an international perspective and the ability to use English as a working language. In Singapore, about one-third of the Fortune Global 500 companies have their Asia-Pacific headquarters set up here. Whether it is looking for an internship or finding a job after graduation, Singapore can provide students with more and better opportunities. Singapore provides more opportunities for students to study abroad, especially Asian students. If you are one of the above categories, then you may consider studying in this country.

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Jack Owen
Jack Owen
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