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Spider-Man movies you should definitely watch


One of the most loved superheroes in the Marvel universe is Peter Parker, more commonly known as Spider-Man. The teenager who was bit by a radioactive spider, Spider-Man has not only remained confined to the pages of a comic book but has also been adapted into video games, animated TV shows, and live-action movies. You can even stream Spider-Man online, and to stream with ease and without buffering, just look into Xfinity TV packages to figure out which package suits you the most and will work for you –affordable and reliable in all areas.  Below are some of the best Spider-Man movies that you should definitely watch. Read up on those and get watching.

Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

Although this movie does not have Peter Parker as the main focus and is more concentrated on Miles Morales, this is still one of the best Spider-Man movies to ever have been created. In this movie, we see Miles Morales, who was introduced as Spider-Man for the first time in a way and he is seen to be the protégé of Peter Parker, who trains Miles to be Spider-Man. What makes the movie stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a beautiful animation with spectacular graphics and effects. The movie has a very neon-ish effect to it and the color scheme of the movie is breathtaking. If you are someone who looks for aesthetic visuals in movies, then be sure to watch Into the Spiderverse


The movie that started it all, the movie that had Tobey Maguire in it. For people born in the 90s, you would agree that Tobey was the Spider-Man of your childhood. For a movie that was released in 2002, the movie had amazing visual effects and the way they showed Spider-Man’s web-swinging around was brilliant. Even the villain in the movie was so menacing, that we had Willem Dafoe play Green Goblin and even today he remains to be one of the most terrifying villains from all of the Spider-Man movies that have released now.

Spider-Man Far From Home

The movie had a huge impact on the Spider-man timeline. This one features Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Tom has done a pretty good job as Spider-Man till now. In this movie, Spider-Man has to be away from the United States and is in another country where there is a threat to mankind that emerges. Spider-Man has to fight that threat while being away from his home country, hence the name Far From Home. At the end of the movie, there is a huge twist that eventually starts the plot for the next movie and the latest one in the series, Spider-Man No Way Home. Far From Home also featured new suits for Peter as he cannot be seen in his Spider-Man suit while in another country since that would jeopardize his anonymous superhero thing and it would give away who Spider-Man is.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Even though this movie did not perform well at the box office, Spider-Man fans would agree that this was one of the best Spider-Man movies that were ever created. This movie stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Andrew has done quite the job as Spider-Man In this movie we see how Peter has transitioned from an awkward nerd to a confident superhero. This movie featured not one but two villains, Electro and Green Goblin.

Spider-Man 2

This is agreed to be the best Spider-Man movie that has been made yet. The movie was written really well and it was continuity in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man arc. In this movie, Peter seems to be going through an existential crisis as nothing in his life makes sense. He is struggling from a professional perspective, the girl he loves is about to marry someone else and due to all this, Peter’s powers get affected and they seem to go away for a while. In the whole process, Dr. Otto Octavius turns into Doc Ock and starts terrorizing New York. It is then that Peter finally gets a grip on himself and becomes Spider-Man again. He saves New York and also manages to get his girl back who finally confesses her love for Peter. The movie shows that even superheroes can have a tough time and even their abilities can be affected but you should always make sure not to give up on yourself and never stop believing in yourself.

Spider-Man No Way Home

 This is the latest movie in the series and it was an absolute treat, a huge delight for all Spider-Man fans. That is because (SPOILERS AHEAD) the movie features a cameo of Daredevil who plays Peter’s lawyer. Matt Murdock (Daredevil) is played by none other than Charlie Cox from the TV series. The movie also marks the return of previous villains such as Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro. Since all the villains had returned, the best part was the return of the two Spider-Men, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best Spider-Man movies that you should most certainly watch as Spider-Man will always be one of Marvel’s best creations and Tobey, Andrew and Tom have done brilliantly in their own ways to portray the superhero.

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