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Pumpkin Head Coloring Pages & Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages: Why is the pumpkin a symbol of Halloween?


To prepare for Halloween, stores that offer toys and souvenirs hang a lot of pumpkin lanterns at the start of October every year. Why therefore is the pumpkin connected with this holiday and is it so difficult to substitute another vegetable? How should a pumpkin be decorated for the upcoming Halloween? Let’s find out through these Pumpkin Head coloring pages & Halloween Pumpkin coloring pages!

Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages: Why is the pumpkin a symbol of Halloween?

On Halloween (October 31), individuals frequently hang a pumpkin lantern in front of their houses in Western nations. The lantern is carved with a spooky visage, and a candle is placed inside. These pumpkin lanterns are known as Jack O’Lanterns.

So what is Jack O’Lantern?

Jack O’Lantern coloring pages

According to the legend, one day Jack invited Satan, the demon ruler and leader of all demons, to a wine tasting.

Due to his miserliness, Jack did not want to pay the merchant, so he requested the devil to transform him into money. When the devil heard it, he complied with Jack’s wishes and changed it into a coin. However, Jack’s shrewd nature managed to get the devil’s money into the pocket with the cross, rendering the devil unable to change back into his natural shape.

Jack then consented to take down the cross in order for the demon to revert to its previous shape: For a year, the Devil must not bother Jack, and if Jack passed away, the demon could not collect his soul. And Devil agrees.

After a year of the agreement, Jack convinced the devil to climb an apple tree and harvest fruit out of concern that the demon would wake him up. Jack promptly etched a cross into the tree’s root while the devil was fiddling with it. 

The devil was unable to descend because of Jack’s deal with the devil to refrain from making fun of him for a further ten years before erasing the mark. Later, Jack passes away. God refused to accept Jack’s ghost when he knocked on the threshold of heaven because of his dishonest character.

After that, Jack entered hell, but down here, the devil drove him away since he had maintained his word not to take Jack’s soul. The devil was sympathetic and offered Jack an ember to help him navigate the darkness. Jack traveled the globe using a rotting potato as a lantern and a lump of smoldering coal.

Since then, people have seen lighting candles on potatoes as a precaution against bad spirits on Halloween.

People discovered that pumpkins, characteristic agricultural produce of this area, could readily be gutted and shown with frightful, cunning faces when they immigrated from Ireland and Great Britain to the United States. Candles were placed into the pumpkin right away to light the way for wandering evil spirits.

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Pumpkin Head Coloring Pages – How to Carve a Pumpkin Head Light for the Halloween Season

Pumpkin carvings and decorations, which are frequently used as Halloween decorations, may inspire fun, wholesome, and inventive crafts for the entire family. Nothing is more thrilling than putting a certain pumpkin carving concept to the test and finishing it before Halloween. Pumpkins are fruits with a hard exterior shell and a hollow, broad inside. As a result, the entire area will be illuminated when the lighting within the pumpkin is lit. So, is it easier or more difficult to build Halloween pumpkin lights? Let’s go as follows.

Pumpkin Head Coloring Pages for Kids

Materials for making Halloween pumpkin lights

  • You decide on a single, large, iridescent yellow pumpkin.
  • A big knife and a tiny, sharp knife designed for trimming pumpkins are required.
  • A lamp and a tiny bottle.

How to make simple Halloween pumpkin head lights

  • Step 1: The pumpkin must first be washed, dried with a towel, and left in front of a fan for a little while to ensure that it is completely dry before you can carve a circle out of the bottom of the fruit with a sharp knife. The light bulb is inserted using this technique.
  • Step 2: Scrape the guts in the pumpkin with a tool. After that, use a cloth to dry the pumpkin’s interior.
  • Step 3: Then, using a piece of paper, design the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth as you see fit. The more stunning and spooky the better! After that, lay this sheet over the fruit’s body and make marks along the drawing’s edge with a needle or sharp object.
  • Step 4: After marking, remove this paper, then use a sharp knife to cut along the dots marked in step 3.
  • Step 5: To finish, you wrap a thin piece of twine around a little jar that may be secured with tape before placing everything into a pumpkin. If you don’t have a string, you may light a candle instead. However, keep in mind that if you do, the candle will burn the pumpkin to ashes unless it is contained in a glass jar.

It’s simple, right? With just 5 simple steps, you have an extremely beautiful and sparkling Halloween pumpkin lamp right away. Or even more simple, download printable Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages at

ConclusionFor every Halloween, a pumpkin serves as a necessary adornment. This article’s instructions for making pumpkin lanterns to adorn your home for Halloween should have at least partially given you a taste of the enchanted holiday vibe. To add character to your home, be prepared to add both gorgeous and horrifying Halloween decorations. To commemorate the memorable Halloween season as a family, don’t forget to take a picture! We want to send our best to your family this Halloween.. Visit for more ideas from Pumpkin Head coloring sheets & Halloween Pumpkin coloring sheets!

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