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Project Management Tools Monday vs Asana Project Management 2022 Feature List


Monday is a visual online workspace for teams that require fast and robust tools to manage projects. It started in 2012 and has been able to earn a good reputation among agile teams across the world. Asana has been in the business since 2008 and it has over 100,000 satisfied clients. Asana software is a solution for fast-paced teams that require project management solutions to bring coherence to their work ethic. Keep reading to learn about project management tools Monday vs Asana project management. 

Monday Software Functions 


Monday‚Äôs flexible WorkForms can come in handy whenever you want to collect data and feedback. The no-code form builder allows users to customize the fields so that they are able to request the information they require. You can further embed the forms to your website or share them through an email. In fact, you can send the link to stakeholders for accessibility.  

Users can, moreover, utilize the forms to generate insights based on the responses that they receive. And lastly, the forms can help you automate requests to your team members for updates on tasks, etc.  


Creativity is the center of business development. Integrating the right tools can help you the same dynamic atmosphere in remote workspaces that meetings provide. There are many ways through which Canvas proves to be a beneficial tool for this purpose. On the one hand, you can create diagrams to explain your ideas to other members. And on the other hand, it can help you brainstorm and sketch ideas with a marker.  

CRM Tools 

There is a robust set of tools that can be useful in improving CRM. Users can edit their deal stages and add columns to track information as well. There is no need to switch platforms when you need to communicate with your contacts as Monday lets you integrate your email to the platform.  

Additionally, Monday lets you assign leads to reps, receive updates when an email is opened, and also, set reminders for upcoming activities. From lead management to sales operations, you can keep up with the details through a singular system.  

Project Management Solutions  

There is a wide range of project management tools Monday can be used to organize tasks and assignments. For instance, you can centralize your goals and create dashboards to efficiently track all updates. In addition, you can assign tasks to specific members of the team as well.  

You can automate tasks to save valuable time and ensure that tasks are performed at the right time. Furthermore, you can bridge communication silos with the help of collaborative tools and allocate resources to the relevant projects.  

Development Tools 

Monday can help you sort out silos and turn your goals into sprints. It is also equipped with the ability to track bugs and receive reports through customizable forms. In other words, you can stay ahead of possible issues and respond to them on time.  

Asana Software Functions  

Workload Management  

Working with a team demands over-the-top management of workload. With Asana project management software, you can get rid of the complications regarding workload by making sure that no one is overworked or underworked.  

You can create a balanced workload as well as get an overview of who is working on what through a quick overview. In order to re-assign tasks, you merely need to drag and drop them. You can even measure project development by using Portfolios and Workload.  

Workflow Builder  

The Asana project management software integrates a high-end workflow builder for task management as well. You can streamline form intake to make sure that important data does not get lost in the momentum. Manual tasks can further be reduced by using automation tools. In fact, you can integrate any other apps you may need for task management and automation.  

There are reports provided to users that can be helpful in keeping up with the updates and progress. You can easily determine what needs to be done to boost business growth.  

Management Boards 

Asana boards give you the chance to visualize the results you want to achieve. An important tool integrated for this purpose is Kanban which can be used to visualize and track progress. It is quite helpful in providing you with a futuristic approach since you can check for possible bugs and resolve them on time. 

The Kanban integration does not only assist you in streamlining but can also be used to automate tasks with customizable rules.  

Progress Reports 

Keeping up with your business projects implies the need to generate reports and insights. However, you do not have to generate them manually. The Asana project management software can be used to create graphs as well as charts. The visual reports can be used to get detailed information about projects and tasks with a single click.  

In order to create charts, you can also rely on the template library so you do not have to maneuver too much on your own. The updates are automatic and also reduce overwhelming tasks.  

Goal Management 

When you have a clear goal in your mind, it becomes easier to follow strategic plans. Asana gives you a system where you can set goals so not only you but your team members are also clear-headed about the process. It can also help members in envisioning the value of their work for goal completion and build an association with the team.  

The project management tools Monday vs Asana project manager share similar qualities and aims. They are both aimed toward management options for agile teams who are either developing applications or part of creative teams. However, each has many detailed features that also draw a difference between the two. Monday software can be beneficial for the process of streamlining the framework of app management. Asana, on the other hand, can help users in claiming remote workspaces as dynamically as in real life.  

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