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5 Network Access Tips for Digital Companies


Did you know that three times as many people work remotely now versus just a few years ago? When you run a business online, you need to ensure that you’re offering secure and reliable network access. And you want to be certain you’re offering it to the right people.

Read on to learn five network access tips for digital companies!

1. Look at the Logistics

How many employees do you have? And what services, platforms, and materials will they need to access online? You’ll want to start your network access planning by considering these logistical factors.

Especially when you have hybrid work situations, you’ll want to be prepared when everyone’s in the office. Figure out how many wireless access points you’ll need. And beef up your remote access security for times when more people are working from home.

2. Invest in Network Security

When you’re allowing employees to access your network for remote work, you’ll want them to do so safely. This means they won’t compromise any confidential information when they log on to the company’s platforms.

Use proven security measures, such as two-factor authentication. This offers more protection when a user logs in to an account. You also can do frequent password resets to help support network security.

Your best bet is to invest in comprehensive security options. An integrated solution can make offering remote access easy and safe!

3. Upgrade Portable Devices

Ultimately, if your employees are using old laptops to connect to your network for remote work, they’ll be at a disadvantage. When you depend on technology to do your work, it needs to be updated.

Upgrade your laptops with the latest connectivity features. That way, employees will be able to connect to wireless networks without disruptions.

4. Determine Privileges

It’s critical to recognize that not everyone in your organization will need access to everything. In other words, you should plan on privileging access to certain areas.

Some users may need access to everything to tackle software changes or manage data. This status may only apply to those people in charge of IT at your company. And it’s generally advisable that they only access administrator privileges when absolutely needed.

Most other users should have limitations. IT team members may use their expanded access to input user data or offer help.

5. Make Cyber Security Education a Priority

You won’t be able to prioritize network safety unless you also help your employees develop awareness. Mandate cyber security training so your employees know how to avoid phishing scams and keep information safe.

Consider offering online training modules to all new employees. Better yet, get your IT department involved!

Follow These Network Access Tips

Offering network access comes with a lot of responsibility. To keep your company’s information secure, choose the best cyber security strategies and educate your employees on how to stay safe online. Be careful with how you award access privileges and use updated technology for the smoothest connections.

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David Hudson
David Hudson
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