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My dryer is running, but it isn’t heating

My dryer is running but it isn't heating

When you encounter certain issues, you might fear your dryer is utterly destroyed or needs pricey repairs. However, you might be able to detect the problem yourself and solve it without any difficulty.

When your dryer operates well but fails to create enough heat or none, that might be irritating. However, there are a few parts of your dryer that you want to check out right away if you start having heating issues. If you realize there is a serious breakdown, contact a dryer machine technician. Consequently, if you’re thinking, “why is my dryer running but not heating,” read on. If you’re wondering what the issue may be, we have the solutions.

The fact that your dryer is still running indicates that electricity is still being supplied to the device. Additionally, it implies that the drum-turning motor is still in operation. You should focus your study on the components that are in charge of distributing, controlling, and creating heat if you observe that a lack of heat is the cause of your garments not drying properly. Some of the components you might want to investigate are listed below.

Heating Fuse

The thermal fuse should be checked first if you discover that your dryer is operating but not providing the required amount of heat. Typically, dryers have it fitted for safety reasons. If the temperature in your dryer becomes too high, the thermal fuse often trips. It does this in an effort to put out a fire.

Once it does so, your dryer will still work flawlessly, but the tripped fuses will stop the heat buildup within the dryer from reaching unsafe levels. When the thermal fuse trips on later models, the dryer may shut off to regulate the temperature.

Thermal fuse for the dryer

Typically, the thermal fuse can only be used once. In order to get the dryer to heat up correctly, you might need to replace it if that’s the issue. It’s typically close to an exhaust vent. It will be simpler for you to find it if you know where it is.

With certain models, you might be able to reset the fuse, but most of the time, you’d need to change it in order to get your dryer heating up once again. Investigate why your fuse tripped in the first place rather than fixing it right away. This also has to be done. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of thermal fuses blow out.

Vent for Exhaust

If the thermal fuse caused your dryer not to heat up, you should examine your exhaust vent. The metal line that connects your dryer to the vent may be the source of the issue. Lint accumulation may be to blame for impeding the dryer’s ability to expel hot, moist air properly.

The hose being clogged might have caused the thermal fuse to blow. That can cause the dryer to heat up. If it was a contributing cause to the dryer not heating up, it has to be cleaned out. 

If the blockage has extended past the metal hose itself, you may need to hire a specialist with the right equipment to clear the vent.

Heating Coil For Dryer

A broken heating coil is another reason why no heat is being produced. By taking off the dryer’s rear panel, you can see where the heating coil is located. Wires are coiling up around one another. To inspect the terminals, remove the lead. A multimeter can be used to test it. If the reading is 0, the coil has to be changed.


The cycle won’t proceed if the timer is broken. The timer may assist certain models to keep the heat on until it becomes uncomfortably hot. Other models might not even produce any heat at all. The dryer keeps spinning as it waits for a signal that would allow it to switch to the next cycle, but no signal ever arrives.

To check if the timer is broken, remove the knob from the panel. After the leads are severed from the motor, check for continuity. If the multimeter displays a reading of infinity, the timer must be changed.

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