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Medilinks vs. Experity EMR Software: Your Complete Guide


Medilinks vs Experity EHR

About Experity EMR

Experity is a cloud-based digital medical record, healthcare billing, and practice management platform intended for all types and specialties of on-demand care suppliers. Paediatrics, family medicine, and occupational medicine are all covered by the Experity EMR. Patient queuing and digital scheduling, e-prescribing, payment systems, coding robotization, lab integration, and Messaging services are all supported by Experity EMR. The vendor can be used on both a desktop and a mobile device. It also includes charting and clinical workflows from the time a patient is registered until they are discharged. Their EMR interface takes users through documentation in a logical manner and integrates seamlessly with practice management (PM) software. It also makes documenting urgent care workflows simple, allowing users to record encounters in any order they want.

About Medilink EMR 

MediLinks EMR Program not only helps health care providers, but it also makes it easy for the general public to keep track of their own health. With this cloud-based EMR system, anyone can gather and view their patient data, medications, and test results. This is helpful in general, but it’s critical in an urgent situation when a customer or a medical specialist who doesn’t know the client must administer treatment. Everything in the user’s background is immediately accessible. Medilinks EMR software has shown to to be an excellent solution for medical facility care management. This system aids physicians in managing patients and documenting their conditions by allowing for centralised patient information and billing. It also allows them to send patient information quickly and securely.

Experity EMR Features

Medical Charting

Experity EMR is a desktop and mobile EMR and Practice Management system with a comprehensive charting solution. Clinical workflow solutions are also available. Practice Velocity and DocuTAP, two firms are known for their adaptable EMR/PM software, were acquired by the company in March 2019. Experity’s other products, such as teleradiology, RCM facilities, and business intelligence tools, are all integrated.

Tools to Improve Efficiency

Experity’s EMR is tailored to Urgent Care Centers and other diagnostic imaging clinics. It can be tailored to your practice’s specific requirements. Its cloud-based architecture makes it simple to use for all of its users. Its features are completely customizable and simple to use. The software includes online clinical staff training, which makes it more appealing to medical professionals. However, because Experity EMR does not have an onsite assistance center, you should check with your nearby office to find the most trustworthy and compatible provider.

Patient Portal

Allow patients to use a secure patient portal to make consultations, fill out intake forms, bill payments, access healthcare records, and interact with their doctors.

Experity EMR Reviews

Experity is an end-to-end medical operations platform for on-demand medical providers, praised for its user-friendliness and intuitive interface. Its users also praise its ease of setup and onboarding, as well as the clarity of its documentation. Product and customer support, on the other hand, are difficult to reach. Regular system lags, as well as a lack of sophisticated analytics and reports, must be addressed.

Experity EMR Pricing

Experity EMR pricing has not been published by the vendor. You can schedule an Experity EMR demo to learn Experity EMR pricing plans. The software also offers a free trial. 

Medilinks EMR Features

Easy to use Interface

Medilinks EMR Software has a user-friendly interface. You can personalise the feel and look of your client records, consultations, and clinical tasks with NextGen. With an efficient scheduling tool, you can effortlessly handle your clients and appointments. NextGen’s practice management and revenue cycle management capabilities are compatible with Medilinks EMR software. This integrated software improves patient engagement while increasing practice productivity. You can handle multiple locations and suppliers with its multilocation functionalities and scheduling tools.

One of the most appealing features of Medilinks EMR Software is its user-friendly interface. To access client data and enter relevant data, simply browse through menus and icons. Because the system can create a summary of key information, you’ll never have to stress about losing important information.


The interoperability service is another addition to the list. Simply said, interoperability is the capacity to communicate data across a healthcare network. This function was created with the idea of connecting care providers in mind. It even permits doctors to exchange data with large-scale organizations all around the world in order to provide top-notch treatment.

 It’s worth noting that this service is also available through Medilinks EHR. You’ll have a magic trick under your sleeve that allows you to consult specialists from across the world via a secure interface without jeopardizing patient confidentiality. It’s important to remember that interoperability services aren’t only for doctors; your patients may benefit as well

Third Party Integration

Medilinks is known for its simple third-party interfaces, which delivers a secure platform for professionals. This integration improves clinical effectiveness and efficiency. It provides a centralised platform through which clinicians can access all critical client data in one location. This client management system provides instant access to test results, medical history, and medications. By completing an accurate diagnosis, it aids caregivers in offering appropriate therapy to clients.

Medilinks EMR Reviews

To make reporting easier, there are a variety of reporting tools available. It has features that are useful for digital documentation. The software is simple to use and has a simple user interface. They also hold weekly meetings to help their users achieve better results. Customer service at Medilinks is unresponsive. They do not provide prompt responses to user inquiries. Users also can’t send messages to numerous people at the same time.

Medilinks EMR Pricing

 The EMR software costs $950 per month for each user. To know more about Medilink EMR pricing, you can schedule a Medilink EMR demo.

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