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Life Skills to Work on Ahead of Starting University


Starting university, especially when you have put yourself through the grueling and emotionally charged application process, is as exciting as it can be daunting.

By far the best way to ensure that you are starting on a positive, clear, and calm note the first day your lectures begin is to endeavor to be as prepared as possible, and with this in mind, here are the main three life skills to work on ahead of starting university.

  1. Self-Motivation & Personal Responsibility

One of the most inspiring benefits of attending university, regardless of the specific nature of your individual degree, is that there are so many constant opportunities available to you that will help to boost your confidence levels.

However, to make the most of such opportunities, it would be advisable to start working on your own levels of personal motivation, both when it comes to studying and research but also in other areas of your life.

Ways to enhance your sense of self-motivation include:

  • Track your progress in a journal 
  • Reward yourself when you achieve
  • Embrace constructive criticism 
  • Remember that something can always go wrong
  • Practice setting small goals to achieve a larger one 
  1. Physical & Emotional Self-Care

Especially when you first start university, the temptation to stay out as late as your new friends exploring your new local area and attending as many social functions as possible will be hard to resist, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing student life in this way. 

However, in order for you to be able to get the most out of your university experience and to apply yourself academically in your studies, you need to know how to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Start seeking to be more independent when it comes to taking care of yourself and learn some basic yet incredibly effective self-care techniques that you can implement as and when you need them throughout your studies. 

Even something as simple as taking one night each week of term not to attend social parties and instead have a pamper night, tidy your room and organize your notes for the next week will make a huge difference to your feelings of control and how well you cope with this new phase of your life. 

  1. Money Management

Regardless of the way your university degree is to be funded, be it privately from generous family members, or else state-funded, or even through a scholarship or bursary, it is highly likely that the large sums of money in your bank account will be the first time you will have ever seen so much money. Once you have checked out the Stanford admission requirements at CampusReel, it is strongly advised to also look into ways of helping to budget for students. There is a wide plethora of resources available on the internet, and your university, once you are successful in your application, will also provide you with information relating to money management.

Jack Owen
Jack Owen
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