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What Is Inflact, How Does It Works – Complete Guide


What Is Inflact

Inflact is a social media marketing software that helps to promote businesses, client dealings, audience growth, and content management. AI-powered hashtag generation, chatbot, post scheduling, CRM, and profile analyzing are the main features of Inflact. It is an instagram follower-gaining tool. It has advanced features that not only help to engage more audience but also help to grow the instagram account.

How Does Inflact Work On Instagram

Today, the demand for followers on instagram is increasing. Everyone wants more and more people to follow and like him. Inflact give you auto likes, auto follow, comments schedule posting and other such Instagram tools. you just need to sign up to inflact and connect your Instagram account by adding your Instagram account to it. It uses language, hashtags, location and username to help you to grow your account.

Liking and Commenting On Photos

Inflact uses artificial intelligence to generate automatic engagement on your post. Liking and commenting also help you to get new followers. Your personal comment results in the form of a new follower. If your comment inspires the person he will surely check your account and may also start following. Personal comments such as “Cool” “Nice pic” may inspire the person more.


Inflact analyzer features will help you to analyze your profile.Because it allows you to collect statistics and analyze almost 13 different matrices.These matrices are :

  • Engagement rate
  • Number of followers
  • Average user activity
  • Posts per day
  • Weekly posts
  • Posts per month
  • Upload numbers
  • Most popular post time
  • Top hashtag used
  • Top caption word
  • Audience interest
  • Most commented post
  • Most liked post


Inflact has various packages plans. It depends on you which kind of package you want to select for you.If you want to use this software for long term then you need to buy its long term package but if you are not willing to use it for a long time then don’t worry it offers you a seven day plan.In this weekly plan you can enjoy the all features of this software in approximately 3$.Its packages plan is divided into three plans.

Basic plan allows you to use only three features.

  • Promotion
  • Hashtag generator
  • VPN

It will cost 438$ for subscribing yearly to access these features.

Advanced plan includes four features.It charges 519$ yearly.

  • Promotion
  • Hashtag generator
  • VPN
  • Direct messaging

Pro Plan gives you permission to use its all features.It will cost 682$ yearly.Its features are:

  • Promotion
  • Hashtag generator
  • VPN
  • Direct messaging
  • Post scheduling 
  • Story downloader
  • Post saver

What Social Media Platforms Does Inflact Support

Inflact not only permits you to download and watch instagram content but it also allows you to download content from Facebook,Twitter, and Tiktok.You just need to copy the link of the relevant material from the site and paste this link in the search box of the Inflact it will let you download your relative content within few seconds.You have find it a universal downloader for various kind of content.

Why Might Someone Use Inflact

We are living in the era of social media today. Most of our youth have cell phones and they post various pics daily on their social media accounts. There seems to be a competition among the people in terms of likes and following. Everyone wants to grow their account by hook or by crook.

Inflact is a software that allows you to grow your account within few days. It is the result of artificial intelligence and helps you by using different tactics. Its features include hashtag generator,post scheduling, CRM and profile analyzing. All such features of inflict helps you to grow the account on social media.

ASB Instagram Bot

ASB instagram bot helps you to monitor many accounts to gain followers.It has great features that not only attracts the audience but also help to grow your account.It will let you create multiples accounts that helps to gain followers.It’s some great features are mentioned below;

  • Post Scheduling
  • Auto likes and Followers
  • Proxy Support
  • Stories Uploader
  • Auto Comment
  • Username Scraper
  • Direct Messages
  • Proxy Checker
  • Captcha Support
  • Spin Syntax
  • Account checker

Somiibo Instagram Automation Tool

Somiibo is another platform that helps you to grow your account on different social media forums.It works on different platforms like asTwitter,Instagram,Spotify,Soundcloud,Tiktok,Youtube,Proxy browser and Web traffic.You just need to follow these three simple instructions to get benefits from it.First of all choose the social media site on which you have an account for promotion.It will start targeting your new followers.Your account will start growing on this specific social media site.


Ingrammer is a tool that helps to grow an instagram account.It uses automation system to gain more and more followers and likes on instagram.It saves your time and lets you grow your account within no time.

But this tool is considered risky because due to this tool your account may get banned from the social media site.It may not give you long term followers.


Instagress is also a bot that is used to grow the instagram account.It also uses automation services to boost any account on the social media site specially instagram.Like other bots it also uses location and hashtags to gain more followers and likes on instagram.It was very popular among people unless instagram had made changes to their spam filters.Instagram also shut down all bots by blocking their accounts.


SocialPilot is a great alternative to some famous bot,Because it will let you grow your account on social media sites.It has some amazing features that surely helps you to gain more traffic on your account.Some great features of socialPilot are given below:

  • Post Scheduling
  • Post publishing
  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Client Dealings
  • Team Management
  • Content Curation

Mass Planner

Mass planner is a social media automation tool that helps to grow your account on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It will allow you to follow and unfollow people. It also helps you to block the unwanted people to follow you. Post management can also be possible by using this tool. It will manage the post by deleting unwanted comments and sometimes helps to delete the post. Thus it has great automation services that brings your account to high level.


Many social media forums such as Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Thumbir are being used in our society widely.FollowLiker is a software that helps you to grow your account on different social media forums.Some features if it are given below:

  • Follow users
  • Post Tweets
  • Send direct messages
  • Share photos and videos
  • Like photos
  • Tweet search
  • Share pins
  • Crawl tweets


It is also an instagram follower gainer that uses different techniques to boost the account.It has amazing features which are following:

  • Follow users
  • Unfollow users
  • Liking and comments
  • Proxy usage
  • Multiple accounts
  • Users search

Pros and Cons of Inflact

Inflact helps to grow our account on different social media platforms but it also has some drawbacks.Here we will discuss both its cons and pros in detail.


  • It is too easy to understand and use.
  • It is affordable because its packages are not too expensive.
  • They also provide customer support which helps users a lot.
  • Inflact also provides affiliate programs which help you to earn bonuses.
  • Payment system is secure.
  • It is an effective hashtag generator.
  • Their contact information is also available so you can connect them easily for any kind of help.


  • Inflact uses an automation system which is risky.
  • Indeed its plans are not costly but it does not offer any free trial.
  • It may not be safe to use because of its automation system.
  • Inflacts contact information should be enhanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Use Inflact

Inflact uses automation service which helps to maintain your account automatically thus saving your time.It can also perform excellent publishing work on your account.It also helps to reply quickly to customers by using direct messaging service.All such features gives you the answer why should use Inflact.

What Does Services Inflact Provide?

Inflact provides many services.It helps to boost your account on instagram.It engages a lot of people to your account by using different tactics.It mostly uses hashtag and location to boost your account.It’s automation service also helps to deal with clients easily.And it does not demand too much money to perform tasks.

How does Instagram bots work?

Instagram bots work on liking and commenting on posts by using specific hashtags.When comments and likes reach other people they may also take interest in your profile and account.Thus such kind of interaction brings you more followers and more likes to your instagram account.

Are Instagram bots safe?

Instagrams bots helps you to gain more followers and likes but they violates the instagram terms of use thus you don’t depend on bots only.Sometimes social media forums such as instagram may ban your account due to violation of their terms of use.Thus it is risky to use instagram bots for getting more followers.

Is Instagram bots worth it?

Instagram bots will give you more followers and likes on your account but social media platforms do not allow you to use bots.Because they violate their terms of use so if instagram or other such plat forum found that you are using bots then they banned your account.

Should You Use an Instagram Bot?

It is risky to use instagram bots because instagram does not encourage the use of bots to gain more followers and likes on your account.Risk of being banned is always present when you are using but bots help a lot to boost your account.

When should you use an Instagram bot?

Instagram bots have the ability to handle multiple accounts so if you are tired of handling multiple accounts then you need to use instagram bots that help you to maintain many accounts easily.It frees you and saves your time.


Inflact is very easy to use and helps you to boost up your social media account to save your time. It uses many tactics to handle your account. It may uses specific location and hashtags to gain more traffics on your account. Sometimes it uses liking and commenting to promote and engage people to your account. It has also ability to handle multiples account which save your time and let you feel easy while doing your daily life work. But inflact has some cons in the term of social media platforms because they not allow you to use such bot to gain followers. It may leads to banning of your social media account.

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