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What Is Ice Spice Real Name? Complete Guide About Female Rapper


The word Ice Spice has gained a lot of recognition recently in the music business. Ice Spice  is a female rapper who came to fame within a few years with her music. So who is Ice Spice, what is Ice Spice real name, who are her parents? Here are the answers to all these questions.

Who Is Ice Spice?

Ice Spice has become well-known because of her rap songs and her involvement on the remixes of the Taylor Swift song “Karma. “One of the most well-known tracks from the popular album Midnights, it is. Ice Spice launched her debut EP, “Like…?” in January 2023.

 She has since had a number of successful hits. Additionally, she has 8.2 million Instagram followers. People became curious about listening to more of her compositions after she released the song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in 2021.

People are interested in Ice Spice real name even though her skills as a rapper have drawn attention to her.

What Is Ice Spice Real Name?

Of course, Ice Spice isn’t the only performer that goes by a stage name. For a while, Abel Tesfaye used the stage name The Weeknd.

Ice Spice real name is Isis Naija Gaston. People have been pondering this for a time. In her “No Clarity” music video, the singer reportedly wore a necklace bearing the name “Isis.”

In a conversation with Dripped Shorts, which is accessible via YouTube, Ice Spice discussed her true name. “My real name is Isis,” she declared. Everyone refers to me as “Ice” like in real life. “You know whom I thought you got it from,” the host added. Spice Girls. Ice Spice retorted that she had previously heard that.

Meaning Of Ice Spice Name:

Ice Spice real name is Isis Gaston. But, when Ice Spice was fourteen years old, she came up with the name. Ice Spice discussed her moniker and the reason she loves it when speaking with Elle early in 2023 as part of the pair’s “Ask Me Anything” series.

“I chose Ice Spice since it literally rhymes,” she said. Ice rhymes with what? When I was 14 years old, I thought to myself, “What would a finsta name be?” Spice.’ In addition, I like spicy food. There is hot sauce on everything.”

Ice Spice actual name “Isis Gaston” claimed in a Billboard interview that she felt compelled to follow in her father’s footsteps because he is a rapper. It seemed as though all was coming perfect when she developed a passion for the drill subgenre and met music producers while attending SUNY Purchase.

Ice Spice Confession In February 2023:

Ice Spice performed in February 2023 at a New York Fashion Week event, according to Billboard. I’m not going to lie: I was afraid at that particular time in my career, she said. We had a little numerical disadvantage that evening, which worried me somewhat. But afterward, I thought, “Wow, it’s truly a joy to simply be able to witness how happy others are to see me perform.

Taylor Swift Collab With Ice Spice:

Numerous celebrities, including many, are lovers of Ice Spice. Additionally, Taylor Swift was overjoyed to perform “Karma” with the rapper. Swift said that her followers may anticipate the song shortly on May 24, 2023.

“Um,” Swift tweeted. I could tell you SO much. I’m a huge admirer of this talented artist, and now that I know her more, I can say with confidence that she is THE ONE to watch. I’m overjoyed to announce that Karma, featuring the wonderful @icespicee_, will be released as a track on the brand-new Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album TOMORROW NIGHT at MIDNIGHT ET.

Ice Spice actual name “Isis Gaston” retweeted the post and added the hashtags “sweetest person ever thank u sm” and “i love youuuu.” This shows that the sentiment was shared. With Ice Spice real name. Swift reportedly stated of the rapper, ” In my view, she is the one to watch,” according to Cosmopolitan. Simply by observing her work ethic and the careful planning she puts into her job.

Final Words:

The anticipated release of Ice Spice’s debut album has fans eager. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in March 2023, she mentioned that she was working on an album. However, she does not want to reveal the release date. Ice Spice stated, “I’m not promising any dates, but it’s definitely cooking up right now.” Everyone will be ecstatic and play Ice Spice’s record repeatedly whenever it is out.


What is Ice Spice net worth?

As of 2023 Ice Spice net worth is around $2 million.

What is Ice Spice real name?

Ice Spice real name is Isis Gaston.

How old is Ice Spice?

Ice Spice is 23 years old.

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