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How to Maximize Your Donations with Online Giving Platforms


With the help of online giving platforms, you can maximize your donations. Ensure that you can reach your donors and staff members smoothly and securely. Also, you can customize your website and recurrence donations to deliver targeted messages to different donor types.

Optimize your site for online giving

Online giving platforms are an excellent way for nonprofits to collect donations and improve customer experiences. They are easy to use and can help with analytics, donation forms, and event registration. But before you choose a platform, it’s crucial to understand how it works.

First and foremost, the right online giving platform should have secure payments and reports. These features will help your organization save time and boost donations. It’s also a good idea to choose a platform that includes automated confirmation and thank-you emails. And make sure that your platform’s donation forms are mobile-friendly. Some donors are more likely to donate when on a mobile device.

Donation forms should be easy to use and customize. Ideally, your record will include single input fields and drop-down lists. Ensure the text is large enough to read and the buttons are big enough to click. You want to make sure visitors are aware of the elements. In addition to the online form, your website should also be optimized for mobile. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your donors will likely be frustrated with the process. They may need to remember to give or give less than they intended. Your nonprofit’s website should have an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly layout.

Also, your website should offer calls to action. A call-to-action is a call to action that encourages your supporters to take action. For example, include a scrolling sidebar that gives opportunities to sign up for your newsletter, donate, or subscribe to a podcast. OneCause’s Online Giving Solution is an excellent choice because it allows accessible fundraising forms, donor recognition, and leaderboards. It is also mobile-friendly and looks great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

It’s also a good idea to map out your donor journey. It will help you better understand your supporters and incentivize them to give. As you optimize your website, keep an eye on your bounce rate. The last thing you want is to discourage potential donors by having a frustrating donation experience. Finally, checking your site for SEO and technical problems is a good idea. You can use free tools to pinpoint any issues before they cost you valuable donations.

Recurring donations

Recurring donations are a vital part of a nonprofit’s financial sustainability. Recurring donations can boost fundraising efforts and build a long-term relationship with your donors. Moreover, they’re much more effective than one-time donors.

Unlike a single-time donor, a recurring donor has already committed to giving monthly. The convenience and benefits of a recurring donation make it a great way to create a stable revenue stream. However, some potential problems exist when implementing a regular donation program.

First, deciding on your organization’s best recurring donation strategy is vital. You should choose a donation platform that allows you to customize your donation page. Some platforms, such as Donorbox, offer an intuitive user interface that allows your donors to set up and manage their recurring donations. In addition, you should provide your recurring donors with a receipt or email that shows them how their money is used. It can include a special message or an embedded testimonial from a past donor. Ensure you have a phone number and web address so your donors can quickly contact you. Donors are a passionate group of people, so they’re likely to be able to speak to your mission and provide you with firsthand perspectives. It’s essential to have a good story to tell about the work you do. Sharing your mission with your donors increases the likelihood that they’ll continue to support your position.

Once you have a recurring donation program, you should send thank-you messages to your donors. You can also briefly describe how your organization has changed since it became a donor. Also, provide your donors with a tax receipt.

To maximize your recurring donation program, you should use the following strategies:

Ensure your recurring donation platform has a clean website. A clear home page, donation terms, and a page highlighting your donors’ impact will help you attract more recurring donors.

When sending out electronic confirmation messages, clearly state in the subject line that it’s for an upcoming charge. Also, give your donors clear instructions for canceling their recurring commitments.

Deliver targeted messages for different donor types

Using an email marketing tool to deliver targeted messages is one way to enhance your donor experience. Not only does it make fundraising more straightforward, but it also allows you to engage with your donors interactively. Several email marketing tools are available, from a traditional campaign to a multi-channel, omnichannel strategy. Choosing the right one is vital to boosting donor engagement and retaining a growing donor base.

To determine the best email marketing platform for your organization, you need to consider your overall goals, budget, and the types of recipients you want to reach. For example, you might have a budget for a high-end, enterprise-grade solution, or you may be looking for a more economical plan that offers enough features to satisfy the needs of your small nonprofit. Selecting a reputable online giving platform will be wise regardless of your budget. It will allow you to easily and quickly send out personalized communications that help raise awareness of your cause and encourage donations.

A good email marketing tool will provide you with metrics that you can use to improve your strategy. These metrics include open rates, click rates, and even how much time your email gets spent reading. Identifying which donor types are most interested in your organization will help you deliver the message to drive the highest donation rates.

Email platforms will also allow you to create custom emails for each donor type to keep in touch with your most active donors. Similarly, a mobile giving service provider can help you boost fundraising efforts through text messaging. The company will automatically send an email or text message when a donor donates. As a bonus, they can also help you increase donor engagement with live chat support and automated follow-ups. This service can significantly increase the leads you generate and keep your nonprofit top of mind. Having a dedicated mobile giving number allows you to encourage donors to text DONATE to your mobile giving number.

Ease donors’ and staff’s worries by investing in secure online donation tools

If you’re considering investing in online donation tools for your nonprofit, there are a few key considerations you should consider. These tools are crucial to your organization’s success, and you must select one that will fit your needs. Whether you need a system to process donations from various donors, a mobile solution, or both, you can find one that will provide you with the features you need to grow your nonprofit. You can also choose from many¬†payment processors. It would be best if you looked at iATS Payments, a comprehensive system that provides various options for nonprofits. This provider can handle ACH, credit and debit, and international processing. They also offer custom fraud protections and knowledge-based support.

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