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How to Choose the Best Cardstock for Your Game Cards


The type of cardstock used for a deck of cards can have a significant impact on their feel and handling. Cardstock weight is one factor, but there are other factors to consider.

Cardstock is usually slightly thicker than regular printer paper, making it more durable. It is also efficiently run through a standard home or office printer.

Paper Weight

Choosing the suitable cardstock can be intimidating, especially with the different thicknesses and pt measurements available. Knowing your project and what you’ll use the cards for is essential before deciding on a specific paper weight.

The heaviness of your paper will affect how durable your printed pieces are, how easily they can be folded, and what kind of look you’re going for. You may also have other preferences like color, texture, and finish that influence your choice.

At the company, we carry various cardstock and craft papers available in several thicknesses to meet your needs. Shop our selection online or in-person to find the perfect match for your next creative endeavor! The paperwork also offers many colors and textures to spark your inspiration.

Paper Thickness

Various thicknesses of paper at your card game sleeves are used in cardstock, which can impact the look and feel of your cards. For example, the thinner paper may be easier to print on and feed through your printer, but it needs to fold better or have the durability of a high-quality greeting card. Thicker paper, on the other hand, is better for cardmaking and will give your cards a professional feel.

The thickness of your cardstock is measured in GSM or grams per square meter. The higher the number, the thicker the paper.

Cardstock is also available in different finishes, affecting how well your cards hold up to use and shuffling. For example, a linen finish will have a textured surface for playing card magic tricks. A glossy finish is perfect for photos and other graphic elements. Different finishes are available, including satin and vellum. This allows you to create cards with a unique design that fits your style.


Cardstock core is essential for a variety of reasons. A more muscular body creates a more resilient card that is less likely to crease and helps cards have a satisfying “snap” when snapped or pressed flat.

Core type is also necessary because it can affect opacity, and some card types (such as black core or casino grade) are designed to be completely opaque. This is an ideal choice for games where cheating and security are a concern.

Uncoated card stocks have a natural surface and feel of paper fiber and typically have a slight texture. We can add a clear low luster or matte aqueous coating to these card stocks to minimize sheen and improve handling.


Card handling is an integral part of a great card game experience. Using different card stocks with varying textures and finishes can make cards feel distinctly different. When you spring, a good quality card stock will have a smooth snap and a satisfying flutter.

Many reputable card publishers offer cards with a range of textures and finishes. Some are softer than others, but they usually all perform equally. For example, classic and diamond finish decks feel more delicate than their elite and mask finish decks, but both perform exceptionally well.

Remember that cardstock paper is thicker than traditional printer paper, and it’s essential to check your printer can handle it before ordering it. It could crack, tear, warp, mark, or jam in your printer if you don’t. Consider using a professional printing company to avoid these issues if you need many cards. They’ll have a more comprehensive selection of printers and can help you find the right fit for your project.

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