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How do men generate nerve disorders in them?


There are several different types of nerve damage and disorders that can occur in you. Each one of them also has various severity levels. Sometimes the reason for having nerve disorders can be your poor lifestyle habits whereas on other occasions it can be some other diseases such as cancer or diabetes causing nerve damage. 

Along with this, the other reasons include having nerve diseases which are of course one of the biggest factors for having nerve disorders in patients. 

Remember that nerve disorders cause you to bring up other disorders eventually and you will end up with an intake of other pills as well such as Cenforce 200 mg. 

Before we begin with how men generate neural damage and nerve disorders let us find out about some of the symptoms of having nerve disorders in patients. 

Symptoms of having nerve disorders-

Mostly all types of nerve disorders occur due to extensive damage to the nerves. It can be the nerves in your brain or the spinal cord or even the motor neuron system that has received extensive damage eventually bringing up the disorder. 

Autoimmune nerve disorders will have symptoms such as-

Chest pain

Risks of heart attack


Dry eyes

Dry mouth


Dysfunction with bladder

Sexual dysfunction

Motor nerve disorders will have symptoms such as-


Muscle atrophy



Nervous disorders due to damage to the sensory nerve can bring in symptoms such as-

Neural pain



Numbness on the limbs


Pricking sensation

Burning feel




Autoimmune disorders

One of the most probable causes for having nerve disorders might be autoimmune diseases. Various types of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Guillain barre syndrome, lupus, and inflammatory bowel disease. Mostly in all these disorders the immune system will attack your body itself and bring up problems. Such nerve disorders can bring you problems such as further health issues that force you to take pills such as Cenforce 150 mg.  


Cancer is one of those disorders that bring up neurological issues in patients. Patients can suffer from nerve pain and extensive damage leading to various never disorders in several ways. 

Just to give you an idea it may occur during the cancer development phase in the patient or else neural damage and disorders may also crop up when you are having various cancer treatment options. 

During the cancer development phase, the cancerous tumor may squeeze or choke the nerves eventually forcing them to become incapable of sending and receiving signals anymore.

On other occasions, the relationship between cancer and nerve disorders can even be severe and much more indirect. For example, some types of cancer cause nutrient deficiencies that force you to have never damage.  

Now nerve damage and nerve disorders may also crop up during the cancer rehabilitation and treatment phase. Some of the possible causes could be when the patient is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment. Such cases can cause other health issues with rising nerve damage and eventually end up using pills such as Vidalista 20 mg.   


No doubt that receiving a trauma or an injury may cause extensive nerve damage. This might eventually bring in nerve disorders. Injuries and accidents are some of the other reasons that can bring severe trauma to your nerves. According to scientists, it can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.  


One of the most rising cases of men having neural disorders and nerve pain is diabetes. Having diabetes leads to extensive nerve damage, neural pain, and nerve disorders. 

Doctors have termed this diabetic neuropathy. In this disorder, it is your sensory nerves that receive most of the damage. As we told you above that it can bring in various symptoms such as tingling, burning, palpitations, and so on. Diabetic nerve pain can be excruciating if you are suffering from a severely high level of diabetes. Sometimes men have received irrecoverable neural disorders. 

Side effects of some drugs

Sometimes there are some specific drugs and medications that may bring up extensive nerve damage and force you to have a nerve disorder. Some of these drugs are easily available on online websites such as powpills. 

These drugs include some high doses of steroid drugs that are common for people to use when they are suffering from sleep problems such as insomnia or psychological problems such as stress and depression. Such high levels of steroids are not good and eventually with time caused extensive damage to your nerves. 

Along with this comes other medicines such as those that are used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. Make sure to speak up with the doctors on the impact of using such drugs over extensive time.

Excessive addiction to alcohol and drugs

Last but not least one of the behavioral and lifestyle issues in men that may bring up nerve disorders is being addicted to the use of alcohol and drugs. Remember that this is one of the lifestyle issues and is surely under your control. All you have to bring up is good habits to eventually give up the use of narcotic drugs and alcohol. 

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