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How Background Music Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales


Background music is key in creating an atmosphere and increasing your restaurant’s sales. However, selecting the right piece that aligns with your customer’s tastes and preferences is important.

For instance, fast-paced music can increase the speed of table turnovers by making customers eat and drink faster. While calming music encourages guests to linger and stay longer at the table.

Increased Sales

The music you play in your restaurant can impact how long customers stay and how much they spend. The right playlist can increase sales by boosting customer satisfaction and enhancing the dining experience.

When choosing the right background music for restaurants, it’s important to understand how your customers react to different genres. Studies show that slow-tempo songs encourage guests to stay longer, while upbeat music during lunch can help drive a quick table turnover.

In addition to the type of music you choose, the volume can greatly affect how much customers spend. Ideally, background music should be kept at a comfortable level for your patrons and doesn’t interfere with their conversations. It’s also good to ask for professional advice from in-store radio experts or a professional music provider to help create the perfect soundtrack for your restaurant.

Music that fits your brand also makes customers more likely to buy drinks and desserts, so keep that in mind when planning your soundtrack. However, it’s also essential to be sure you have all the proper licensing and permits needed before playing any music in your business.

Longer Stay

Playing the right type of music in your restaurant, bar, or shop will encourage customers to stay longer, spend more, and come back. This is because the music will lift their mood and make them feel relaxed and at ease, boosting key sales figures, including average checks, frequency of visits, repeat custom and return customer rates.

If you want to attract and keep the attention of your guests, play energetic tunes during peak dining periods. Upbeat music can stimulate people to chat and socialize, thus reducing silences that could potentially detract from the guest experience. Moreover, your selected music should align with your restaurant’s brand identity and concept. For instance, a casual cafe should go for easygoing tunes, while a fine-dining establishment might opt for classical or sophisticated melodies.

During slow dayparts, however, you should play slower-tempo music. This is because, according to research, a low-tempo song can increase drink and dessert orders by up to 40%. In addition, the music tempo helps customers perceive that they’re spending more time at your establishment than they are, meaning that you can turn tables faster without making your patrons feel rushed out. Ultimately, this trick will boost revenue while maintaining the integrity of your restaurant’s ambiance.

Enhanced Mood

When customers enter your restaurant, they may not realize it, but the music you play is a big part of their experience. Psychological studies show how a simple background change like music can impact people’s perceptions of a restaurant. These studies are known as industrial psychology, a branch of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology that applies principles and theory to businesses, including restaurants.

Boosting the mood is an important factor in building customer loyalty and sales. Using the right background music for your restaurant will create an inviting atmosphere that will make your customers want to stay longer and spend more money. If you wish to create a romantic dining experience for two or a lively family meal, the right music can set the tone for your restaurant.

Calming music can help your customers stay patient while waiting for a table. In one study, when slow-tempo music was played while customers waited, they were more patient and were willing to wait an average of 56 minutes, compared with 45 minutes for those who did not hear music.

High-end restaurants often choose soft instrumental music to elevate the dining experience and complement their elite setting. Meanwhile, QSRs or fast-casual dining establishments tend to favor faster-paced music that can help increase their customer base and table turnover rate by encouraging customers to eat and drink at a pace synchronized with the music.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

The right music can help you create a memorable dining experience for your customers, and they’re likely to return, share their positive perceptions of your restaurant with friends and family, and recommend it to others. This can have a substantial impact on your bottom line!

In a high-end Chinese restaurant study, participants were asked to rate their feelings toward various background music conditions (BL classic, BL jazz, CD classical, and CD jazz). Results showed that, regardless of consumers’ musical preferences, the different music conditions significantly influenced their emotions and behavioral responses.

As a result, it’s important to consider the genre of your restaurant and your audience when choosing background music. The right music can give your restaurant an edge over its competitors.

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, or retail storefront, you want to provide your customers with a pleasant environment that will make them happy and increase sales. While there are many ways to do this, only some methods will work for some businesses. That’s why many people are surprised to hear that even something as simple as background music can increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and make your customers feel comfortable and welcome. Whether you need a tune-up or a complete overhaul, music is an inexpensive way to improve your business. Start using this powerful marketing tool and see the results for yourself!

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