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Graphic T-shirts: What to Look for in a Perfect Match!


Graphic tees are a creative and stylish option for something fun and casual. What makes a graphic tee unique is the artwork.  

Whether it is a custom hoodies or t-shirt, a creative graphic adds attractiveness to it. Graphic tees vary from a variety of different genres and styles. 

Below are the fantastic tips you need to know if you’re looking for a graphic t-shirt to add diversity to your wardrobe this year.  


Fabrics are usually soft cotton, polyester, synthetic fiber blends, cotton, and rayon. 100% polyester fabric t-shirts may not be very comfortable for everyday wear but fabulous for athletic activities as they are lightweight, stretchy, and effectively wick sweat away from the body. 

Size and Fit

Comfort should be the main factor when choosing the right graphic tees. Therefore, size and fit are other essential factors.

Avoid misjudging your size and buying too big or too small. 

The easiest way is to try on the shirt before buying, but this isn’t the case when shopping online. The best solution is to measure the width of the shoulders and the chest size. Use a tape measure and then check the brand’s measurement sheet. Most online stores offer size chart comparisons to their product sizes.

Search for Unique Graphic that Shows you off

Graphic tees aren’t usually described as subtle. While that doesn’t mean they’re always eye-catching. That means you have to wear something you love. 

Finding unique designs you love is a big part of finding the perfect men’s graphic tee. 

Here are some of the graphics you can choose from.

Strong Statement Designs 

Creating a t-shirt with a word or phrase that reflects your point of view can sometimes be all you need for your merchandise. Wear a minimalist t-shirt design and keep it simple by writing your text in a bold, easy-to-read font, or have fun with bright colors and handwritten letterforms.

Doodle Artwork 

Doodles can be made with fine lines, wavy lines, shapes of all colors and sizes, whatever!  

Let your imagination run wild, and then print it on your merch! Be original in your work and the way you render the shapes you want to represent. 

Draw something without erasing or pressing undo. See what you can create. 

Traditional Tattoo Designs 

Traditional tattoos are made of bold lines and bright colors and can include anything that interests you.

Choose your favorite animal or flower to add to your wardrobe. The bold, clean lines and shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and black give you this traditional classic style sentiment. 

Illustrative Figures

Illustrative portraits have become an attractive design idea. They add the perfect amount of customization and playfulness to your t-shirt. You can choose to make it as an abstract t-shirt design or as realistic as you like.

There are also a variety of applications where you can create your character and customize its characteristics. 

Bold Background with Text

Create a color palette of bright colors to make it awesome. You can select your favorite quote or phrase to share with your community. Lay it on top of your masterpiece. Choose a font that makes the text stand out against the background.

Choose Color Wisely

Some people might think that black is always the best choice for any clothing type. For graphic tees, it can often makea person look too serious. White might be a good graphic tee for fair skin tones. It can brighten a person’s complexion and make them look fresh and upbeat. 

However, it is not recommended to wear white graphic shirts if the person does a lot of physical activity, as the graphic shirt can get dirty very quickly.

For a medium skin tone, maroon or burgundy would be good choices for graphic tees. They add a bit of color to the person without being too flashy. 

Gray is another color for a graphic tee to look more professional. 

Final Words!

One of the best parts about a graphic tee is how you feel about it. It is recommended to buy from reputable websites having reputable customer reviews. Looking to buy a branded graphic t-shirt, Apparel in Click is among the finest online clothing stores to shop from.

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