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Gap Factory – Why It Is The Best Quality Clothing Store


What Is a Gap factory?

The Gap is an international brand of clothing that was established in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher. Gap factory is a subsidiary of Gap. It was established in 1994. Gap has a presence both online and in stores. It has a unique variety and designs of clothes. The clothes of the gap factory have different quality buttons and unique and limited styles.

Gap Factory: Is It Worthy?

Gap factory offers you to buy clothes of various unique qualities at a cheaper price. The quality of the stuff is highly normal. So, choosing a gap factory is not a bad option. People share their experiences about shopping at Gap Factory and they praise the different products of the Gap factory such as simple cloth, T-shirts, Khaki shorts, etc. It also offers you the products at a cheaper rate than other famous brands.

Things You Should Know Before Using It

Before shopping at the Gap factory you just need to understand that you are buying from a subsidiary of Gap which is an international brand. Its quality is normal and unique which is different from the Gap.

It is cheaper than Gap and due to this maybe its quality is not too high and extraordinary. It gives you normal quality at a suitable price. But the main thing is that it offers you the guarantee of a return which makes it a reliable brand for shopping online. It has a great offer of exchanging products if you feel it is not good for you.

Benefits Of Purchasing Clothes From Gap Factory

Gap Factory provides customers with many benefits. Some are given below;

1. Gap Factory Deals With Quality Products

Gap Factory has a unique variety of various clothing products. It deals with quality products that feel reliable on this brand. The quality of leather jeans is highly appreciated by most clients. The T-shirt quality and the quality of the kids’ outfits were also awesome. Overall as we look at the price of the product it seems that we have done a great deal.

2. Extensive Product Variety

Gap Factory has a vast variety of numerous products. It includes child outfits, girls’ fashion, women’s outfits, and men’s clothes. If you want to shop for your family it offers you all kinds of variety in the same place. You do not need to wonder about different brands for different things. It offers you various kinds of variety in a single place.

3. A Healthy Exchange Policy

It offers you a healthy exchange policy. If you do not like the product you have received then you have 30 days to return it or exchange it for another product. you can return the product by mailing service for up to 60 days. This is a big offer when you are buying anything online. This kind of offer makes it a great clothing brand.

4. Option To Return Products

Gap Factory not only allows you to exchange the product that you have received but it also offers you to return the product if you do not feel it is good enough. And you can get back your money. But it is mandatory to return the product within 60 days of delivery.

5. Several Rewards And Benefits

When you do shopping online from the Gap Factory it will give you bonus points on each product. And 100 points are equal to 1$. It also offers fast and free shipping on orders of 50$ or plus. Due to more shopping, it may also deliver free extra points in the form of bonus rewards. Besides these, it also provides early access to events and exclusive offers.

6. Presence of Gift Cards

It offers you physical gift cards and electronic gift cards. You can return unused gift cards for free. Gift cards may be redeemed for merchandise in-store and online too.

All About GAP Visa Credit Card

Visa-affiliated Gap card service is also available on it which has many more benefits.

Reward points:

Gap Visa Credit Card can be used everywhere but it will give you benefits on using Gap or its sister brand. It has a 0$ annual fee which helps to save your money on buying clothing. It also gives rewards points when you use it for online delivery or in the store.


You will get a 20% discount on your first time shopping through a Visa Gap card. On every 1$ you spend it will give you 5 extra points. It also offers fast and free delivery of your product when you spend 50$ on shopping.

Gap Vs Gap Factory

Gap and Gap Factory are two different companies. There exist lots of differences between them.

Gap Factory was established later on but Gap was established in 1969. Gap has developed its designs according to its research but Gap has separate designs that make it unique from other brands.

As we look at the price of both brands Gap Factory is cheaper than Gap. Thus most people prefer Gap due to its low price. Moreover, the designs and clothing linings are also different from each other.

The labels of Gap and Gap Factory are also different from each other. Gap Factory uses horizontal labels while Gap uses square shape labels on its products. This is a minor difference, most people do not notice this difference. But it separates both companies.

The quality of garments made by Gap is quite different from the quality of Gap Factory. Gap Factory is cheaper and easily affordable but its quality is also not outstanding. If we compare the quality of both companies Gap has better quality than Gap Factory.

Is Gap Factory Outlet Cheaper than Gap? 

Yes! Gap Factory outlets are cheaper than Gap. It offers you a huge collection of clothing which is originally made by Gap. Gap Factory does not have the old culture stuff or last year’s stock it has its manufacturing factory where a new and modern collection of clothing is made. so, it has its designs which are available at a cheaper rate thus helping you to save money. It also offers many rewards and discounts which also help to save your money.

How to Save at Gap Outlet

Gap always offers a great variety of new and fashionable clothes at a cheaper rate. It also helps you to save money by using some rewards it offers. The detail of the rewards is given below:

1. Join the Gap Good Rewards Program

Gap’s good rewards program offers you free and fast delivery shopping for 50$ or above. It gives you 1 bonus point of reward on every 1$ you spend. This program is free to join. you can join the Gap good rewards by following these instructions:

  • Visit the official site of the Gap Factory.
  • Click the Gap good rewards program on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Put your email address and phone number and then create a password.
  • After this click on the button to create an account. Your membership of Gap’s good rewards starts here.

2. Apply for the Gap Good Rewards Mastercard

Gap MasterCard also has great benefits. It also offers free and fast delivery on spending 50$. But the reward points are 5 on every 1$ you spend on shopping. And another big offer that MasterCard provides you is that it offers a 25% discount on your first purchase from Gap Factory outlets.

3. Shop the Gap Outlet Sale and Clearance Sections

The Gap Factory has a clearance section where you can shop for women, children, and men’s outlets at a discount rate. It offers a 40% discount on different items present in this section. While wondering about this section you may find another section where the discount on items is 70%. So, the clearance section also helps to save money.

4. Use Gap Outlet Coupons

It offers many coupons when you are shopping through Gap Factory. These coupons also make your shopping cheaper. Gap also has a free extension that helps to add automatic coupons while shopping, don’t forget to use this extension because it leads to cheaper shopping.

5. Check the Top of the Website

On the top of the Gap Factory site, you can find the new discount offers for you. So when you visit the site first of all check the top of the site which is very helpful to you. Offers related to discounts, free shipping, and coupons are available at the top of the site.

6. Shop Annual Sales

Gap oslo offers some sales which come once a year and we call it an annual sale offer. It also provides lots of benefits on your favorite items while shopping on the gap. This sale also helps you to save money because by availing of this offer you will enjoy a special discount.

7. Redeem GapCash

Gapcash is a specially designed program for customers to save money. You can save money during the gap cash-specific periods of the year.

The procedure is that when you shop from the gap store or online through a website it will provide you with some coupons that can later be redeemed. But they are redeemable only in specific periods announced by Gap. You can get 10$ on every 25$ shopping that you have done.

8. Use In-Store Pickup with Your Online Order

To avoid shipping fees Gap offers you an in-store pickup option. When you are purchasing from the Gap online store you need to find the pick up free icon in the app and then add the items that you want to purchase. But this offer is available in some stores so, you need to check if this facility is available at a local store near you or not.

When you add the items to the cart then you have to provide your email. You will receive an email from the company when your order is ready to pick up. The email contains some specific numbers which you have to provide while picking up your order from the store.

9. Find Discounted Gap Gift Cards

It also offers you to buy discounted gap gift cards, so you need to find them on the site because they will provide you with almost a 12 to 15% discount on gift cards.

10. Sign up for Gap Factory Emails

Signing up for Gap factory mail is the best way to find discounted coupons. It provides a 25% discount on your next time either online or in-line purchase signing up for the first time. It also keeps you up to date about such kinds of offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gap Factory Owned By Gap

No, these two are separate companies. Gap was founded in 1969 while Gap factory is a subordinate company founded later in 1994. Their designs of clothing and even logo design are also different from each other.

Can You Return Gap Factory To Gap

No, if you purchase anything from the Gap factory it cannot be returned to Gap. You have to return the item to the same store from which you shop before.

Is There a Gap In The USA?

Yes, Gap is an American brand so available. In America, 419 Gap stores were present till February 2023. And most of the stores are in California.

What Is The Difference Between Gap And Gap Factory?

Yes, there is a great difference between these two brands. They both are fashion brands but have different cloth lining and quality. Gap has quality better and is more expensive but Gap factory is cheaper with less quality material compared to Gap.

Final Take Away

If you are looking for a clothing brand that provides quality at a suitable rate then Gap Factory is the best choice. In Short, we concluded that Gap Factory is a brand of clothing that provides you with variety and quality stuff at a cheaper rate and it is different from Gap.

It offers a lot of discount offers that enable you to shop for various kinds of items. You can shop by visiting the site and in-line by choosing a local store present in your area. Thus it is an awesome brand that not only cares about the quality of clothing but also cares about its, it provides various discount offers to facilitate customers.

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