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Reasons why people love to visit Dubai in winters


Dubai wait for winter all year round, as it’s a much-needed respite after all long summer season. The three months are the most anticipated ones for both tourists as well as the residents. The season is filled with winter- activities, events, and festivals. After all, the city of gold takes a new face in winters making it one of the best places to visit in the world. However, there are number of reasons to discuss why winter is best for Dubai vacations. Immerse yourself in some of the significant ones:

  • Bearable Temperature

Anyone who visit complain the harsh weather of Dubai. After all, the temperature can rise up to 50 degrees, and everyone repeats about sun at least ten times a day. Keep in consideration, summer day make it almost impossible to enjoy the glam and charm of city without dehydrating. However, winter is the perfect time for some amazing activities such as yacht rental Dubai, beaches, gardens, as well as for interesting events. People find any excuse and get amazing perks of these days with family or friends. Nothing is more cheering when Dubai has cool breeze with comfortable temperature.

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·        The city is pumping

Dubai is a busiest city and winter is the peak season for tourism. The city becomes full of new faces, exciting the residents as well as giving a new energy to people. Clubs have more rush than usual, and events are fully- packed. People love to explore new areas, outdoors eateries, spend time with their loved ones. The pumping stream of people feeds Dubai’s livelihood making it a pleasant place to be.

·        Winter sunsets are epic

Both locals and tourists get their mobiles or camera ready in order to capture the majestic view of sunset of winters. In summers, the excessive sunlight and humidity gives a gloomy sky. But, winter evenings paint the sky with orange, yellow, and pink hues, making a breathtaking sunset in the world. People plan amazing activities to catch this colorful beauty. If you’re also in Dubai in winters, you can also indulge in multiple activities such as dinner at your favorite outdoor venue or on a yacht, an open-air musical concert, as well as exploring Dubai’s landmarks.

·        Exploring the Dubai Global Village

The Dubai Global Village, a leading festival park in Dubai is well known to host a series of events from October to the beginning of April. This time events get great recognition as the country experiences a huge drop in temperature. It’s suggested to plan in winters, if you want to explore the real beauty of Dubai.  Schedule a visit to the park, it would be best to use your online coupons to attend any of the festivals planned for these months.

It is fascinating to know that, the visitors get great access to cultural, shopping, as well as entertainment-related activities. One of these festivals is Global village. It attracts millions of visitors all round the world. The festival represents different countries with their local specialties. Plan your travel during this period in order to ensure your will not miss out on yearly festival in Dubai.

·        Winter is beach season

Beaches are one of the major concerns of Dubai and winters are exciting for it. People love enjoying the sea water with tanning and indulging themself in multiple watersports. As its hot outside during the rest of the year, winter is the perfect time to work on the perfect tan. If you are looking for a winter destination that does not involve coats or gloves, you must book a trip to Dubai. The city guarantee that all you need to pack is, swimsuits.

·        Ideal time to get fit

Trying to stay fit is an essential as well as constant job that must be executed throughout the year. In summers, when the temperature is boiling, and jogging outside is an outrageous concept, it’s challenging to stay fit. However, winter encourages you to be outside running, cycling, biking as well as simply staying active. Along with this, many gyms start to offer outdoor classes during winters. Dubai residents crave the cool and fresh breeze.

·        Winter is camping season

If you are looking for a good reason to be outside, there’s no better option than camping to enjoy the weather as well as making the most of the cooler temperatures. People love to head towards desert in order to camp. Here, the temperature drops lower giving them a perfect chance to be cold. It’s something that is rare in Dubai, with the exception of air conditioning.

  • Enjoy the best events

It is fascinating to know that, no other city in the world is as charming on events as the city of gold. Events held during winters significantly focus on fashion, food, fitness, or music. Visit Dubai in winters to enjoy some of the fanciest events. Some of these events include concerts, the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship take place at the beginning of each year. Moreover, Dubai is also known for its New Year’s festivities. In fact, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy in winters.

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