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6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Camera Security System


You must ensure your business is safe and secure if you’re a business owner. One way to do this is by installing a commercial camera security system.

Detect Fraud

Whether its employees using fake accident reports to get insurance or customers trying to rip you off, security cameras are a great way to deter fraud and protect your assets. Fraud, theft, and embezzlement cost banks around $1.9 billion in 2014. Video-based fraud detection solutions can help proactively identify suspect activity. Detecting fraudulent activities and alerting managers quickly is essential for financial institutions, particularly when it comes to debit card fraud or check fraud. By using smart video surveillance integrated with transaction data and analytics, banks can proactively combat fraud by rapidly searching through large amounts of transaction information to match suspicious activity with video.

Monitor Employees

One of the most common reasons to invest in a commercial camera security system is to monitor employees. Employees who feel secure and are not distracted by health, safety, and well-being threats will be more productive and more likely to perform well on the job. A commercial camera security system can help your business improve operational efficiency by monitoring workflow processes. Whether tracking the flow of products through the warehouse or recording the steps involved in manufacturing, surveillance footage can identify potential problems and highlight where improvements can be made.

Monitor Inventory

Regarding video surveillance, many businesses are looking for systems with motion-detecting sensors that detect and alert staff of suspicious activity. Some cameras also have facial recognition features that can zoom in and focus on specific individuals or vehicles, ensuring the best possible protection for your business. The type of footage you need and how long it will be stored will help you decide which system is right for your business. Most plans have a local storage device and can be connected to an ethernet or Wi-Fi network to view footage remotely.

Monitor Customers

Camera systems with audio recording capabilities allow businesses to monitor their customers while they are outside of the business. This can help identify suspicious behavior and positively contribute to law enforcement. Motion-detecting sensors and facial recognition also alert users if specific individuals or vehicles are detected. Commercial security cameras can be managed in various ways, including using an on-premise NVR (network video recorder) or cloud-based VMS. A reliable storage system is also essential to preserve the footage for future events. 

Monitor Assets

A commercial camera security system can monitor your business assets, from the capital to inventory to employees. They can alert you of potential theft, allowing you to prevent it. Video surveillance systems have different capacities, including local NVR storage (a physical hard drive inside the NVR), edge recording, and cloud data, which store footage on a virtual remote server. The amount of footage you need to store will determine what type of storage your system needs. Some systems offer a free subscription to their cloud service, while others require an additional monthly or annual fee to access the storage space.

Monitor Security

Safety is a priority for every business, and a commercial camera security system can be the perfect way to ensure your property, staff, and customers are safe. These systems often have motion-detecting sensors that alert you to activity, and some even have facial recognition technology to detect faces and vehicles. Most surveillance systems feature a video recorder — either an analog or an IP model — and will store footage locally on an internal hard drive or remotely on a cloud-based service. It’s a good idea to consider your business’s data protection policies before buying a commercial security camera system.

David Hudson
David Hudson
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