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Best 5 Browsing History Tracker Apps


Sometimes, people want to see somebody’s browser history. Yes, we understand that it’s a private thing. But, for the parents, browser history can be important to reflect what their kids have opened on the internet. If you also feel worried about the same thing, the web history tracker might be the best solution for you.

There are also plenty of other reasons people look at someone’s browsing history. Here are some of them:

Why Tracking Website History

Question of how to track my husband with phone number can be asked for various purposes. There are some like:

  1. Making sure that the kids won’t open malicious websites, which is highly concerning for any parents out there;
  2. Checking browser history can also protect relatives from scams, hacks, or phishing attempts through questionable websites;
  3. An Internet history tracking app can be used to make sure employers don’t share the company’s private data with others, especially competitors;
  4. Check your partner’s online activities in case he/she is having an affair with somebody. When they visit dating websites often, you’ll know that something is clearly wrong.

Spy Apps to Track Web Browsing History

The best tools you need to have to check somebody’s browsing history are spying apps. And to be honest, the number of many options available can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Thus, we have already prepared the five best spying apps highly recommended by many users:

1 –

The first option we have here is This great spying app has all the things you need. From checking browser history, bookmarks, and even screen recording, all can be done through this phone history tracker.

When opening the browsing history checker, you can see some information like what kind of websites the person often visits along with their short descriptions and other useful details like durations, bookmarks, and visit frequency.

What’s best is the fact that the app also has a geolocation feature that enables phone tracking and geo-fencing features that can be useful for many parents.

2 – eyeZy

The next best web browsing history tracker is eyeZy. This tool is a high-quality app that may give you many features, including a browser history check and the monitoring function for most social media apps, chats, and calls.

By using eyeZy, you can get an all-in-one spying app that can be used to monitor almost everything that happens in the target phone.

3 – Highstermobile

The third best tool to check someone’s browser history is Highstermobile. Similar to the above apps, this tool also has some notable features like checking text messages (which can be useful for many purposes), checking someone’s location through GPS, and also monitoring various social media apps.

However, there’s one big problem that Highestermobile has. Upon visiting the official page and being greeted with a sample of its UI, you can see that the overall design might be a bit too complex for beginners. Thus, if you want to use something that’s simple or straightforward, we highly recommend using the other alternatives.

4 – Hoverwatch

Another app to track internet history is Hoverwatch. No, this isn’t that one FPS game. This is a monitoring app that’s also filled with useful functionalities.

It also has a cell phone tracker that can be useful for monitoring popular apps most people use today, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The cons, however, come from the design. It has a very simple design, but simply not attractive. It’s not intuitive and modern enough, which is a bit unpleasant to the eye.

5 – Spicy

So, how to track browsing history secretly? One of the best alternatives is Spicy. With it, you can easily track someone’s browsing history, and it will keep you notified about the browsing habit of the target phone. All necessary information will be displayed on the dashboard.

However, the design may seem a little bit old.


See? Checking someone’s browsing history isn’t that hard. As long as you can get your hands on the best spying apps, info like this can be easily obtained. Out of all the options, we highly recommend using since it best them in terms of features.

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