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8 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments Of 2022


It’s been said many times that it’s right, but it’s worth being repeat. Poor sound quality is an even bigger turn-off for videos than poor video quality. If you rely on the camera’s microphone to provide audio, you’ll most likely be disappoint in the end.

If you own an Action camera it isn’t as easy as purchasing the additional microphone. You’ll need an action camera microphone attachment. This is because the majority of action cameras do not come with an input for microphones. As well as in 3 point slinger for camera.

Attaching an External Microphone

The first hurdle to overcome is the absence of an audio Jack. You must connect your audio signal to your camera. Action cameras lack an external microphone input port. That means that you’ll need an adapter for microphones to use an external mic. With some older or smaller camera models, it may not even be a choice that is available.

The review presumes the compact size is an important consideration in action cameras. Each of these microphones will join an audio recorder; however, that’s not the main issue here.

What is the best Action Camera Microphone?

Microphones gather sounds in the same way, but are made for different uses. Action camera microphone attachment will be multidirectional. It collects the sound of all sources. In reality, however, these microphones can capture the sound of a 180o field.

A shotgun microphone provides an edgier sound. It will also provide better audio quality and superior wind noise reduction. It will eliminate or minimize the sound that comes from the sides and rear, and focus on the area right in front of the microphone.

8 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Rode Wireless Go II

Rode is a well-respected producer of audio equipment. The Wireless Go II is an excellent example of the reason they’re so sought-after. There are two models that come with two or one transmitter.

They’re compact and square. They are also easily transportable. The transmitter can be attached to the clothing of the person wearing it and the receiver is mount on the heel of a cold or hot shoe. Also, you’ll need to attach the receiver onto your 3.55 input port on the adapter of your choice.

The range of transmission for wireless is at 660′ (200 m). In reality, anything greater to 300′ (100 m) should never pose a problem. The transmitter has onboard recording. This means that you will not be able to record audio even when the transmission is lost.

Wireless Go uses Rode’s safety mode. It records another audio track with a -20dB volume. The transmitter will play your music in a lower volume, without clipping even if you are overly excited after a fall from the plane. Its Rode phone app permits the setting of safety mode, as well as other functions. The receiver has an LCD display in clear color for monitoring various aspects.


The DJI Mic is specifically designed specifically for the DJI Osmo Action. It includes an adapter for cold shoes that allows users to connect it to other cameras, like the action cameras you own. Have two  microphone/transmitter units and one receiver. They can be stored safely in a sturdy charging case. This makes transportation pairing, charging, and even charging the devices easy.

The transmitters can be clipped to clothes. If this isn’t possible you can also use a magnetic mount. This is an ideal solution for T-shirts and unbuttoned shirts, for instance.

The battery’s lifespan is 15 hours, and will outlast the recording time of all action cameras. Also, the deadcats that come with it can reduce the sound of wind.

Similar to Rode Wireless Go II, the DJI Mic has onboard recording as well as an emergency track (of 6 dB). It can also be adjust in terms of gain that allow you to match its output to the specifications for your camera.

Synco G2

I’m including it as a potential contender in the low-cost external microphone field. It’s the Synco G2 operates on the similar principle of the previous microphones. It’s only missing the recording onboard, which means that if your audio is not strong enough, it will lose that portion of recording. It doesn’t even include a safety track, either.

While listening to both the Synco G2 and Rode Wireless Go II in tandem It is clear that the Rode has better sound quality. There’s less noise and the sound is more pronounced. The Rode has superior audio quality over Synco G2.

Everything is relative however. The Synco will provide you with more accurate voice recordings at an extended distance than the built-in action camera microphone attachment. If you’re not looking to invest in Rode Rode (or it’s the DJI that is more expensive) The Synco is worth looking into.

Movo VXR10 Pro

Its Movo VXR10 Pro shotgun microphone is a compact, shock-mounted shotgun microphone. The microphone has cables that can be connect directly to an action camera or smartphone. The mic also comes with a carry-on bag and deadcat windshield.

Its Movo VXR10 Pro has a better sound quality, however it has lower high-frequency response than Rode. The drawback is that, in extremely turbulent conditions it is the Movo is prone to absorb excessive wind sound. This is the case even with the dead cat on.

This could be a major issue considering the fact that action camera microphone attachments are able to spend large portions of their time outdoors. With this kind of cost, it’s not surprising the camera doesn’t have a high-pass filter nor gain control. However, there’s an audio headphone port so that you can record your audio.

Sairen VM-Q1

I’ve only just discovered Sairen. However, the VMQ1 microphone is receiving positive reviews. It is price at a low cost. It’s compact and comes with deadcat, shock mount, as well as foam windshields.

The quality of the sound is not the best. One reviewer noted that the cables supplied with the mic were extremely loud. However, after an upgrade to the cable the sound is excellent even in the budget bracket.

Also, keep in mind that even a low-cost microphone like this can significantly enhance the sound quality of the video you record. The Sairen VM-Q1 doesn’t have the headphone jack, meaning that you can’t hear the sound when you travel.

Rode VideoMicro

Rode is a major actor within the realm of Vlogging along with YouTube. It is partly because they offer many microphones. It is evident that the Rode “sound” is able to satisfy the needs of content creators as well as consumers.

The VideoMicro may sound unbalanced in lower frequencies when in comparison to other models. This is due to the frequency response nearly eliminating the sub-100 Hz frequency range. This is perfect for reducing traffic noise. The microphone is also extremely effective in windy conditions. This is particularly true when you use the deadcat windshield.

Human voice is largely dependent on higher frequencies, as well. The reason why people love the brand comes from the fact that Rode can clearly capture speech. It also lets it get through the background noise.

Boya BY-MM1

In terms of sound quality, it’s difficult to distinguish the differences in sound quality between Rode VideoMicro as well as the Boya BY-MM1. But, you’ll see the difference because the latter is about one-third the cost.

The BY-MM1 includes all the extras that we’d think of from this kind of microphone. It comes with deadcat cable, shock mount, cables and a carrying pouch. The BY-MM1 is a great performer. I personally prefer the sound of the Boya over the Rode. However, the slightly less impressive performance when it comes to wind may be a factor that decides you.

Movo MMC4 TRRS TRRS to TRS Adapter

Movo MC4 TRRS Adapter lets you connect a microphone equipped with an TRRS connector to your recorder or camera that features an TRS input. The adapter transforms the audio signal from your microphone , and then transfers it to the DSLR or camcorder to record.

This adapter works with all devices with a 3.5mm TRRS mic input which includes DSLR cameras, camcorders, GoPro HERO3+/HERO4, and many other devices that have an external mic port. It has gold-plated connectors to ensure high-quality sound and a long-lasting TRS cable. Its impedance-matched TRS cable guarantees that your music is record in clear, without any interruption.

The Final Words

For ease of use and simplicity, using For simplicity and convenience, for simplicity and ease of use, Rode Wireless Go II is a great option for a lavalier mic. If you’ve got the cash then it is worth considering the DJI Mic is a really impressive choice. The charging case for travel and magnet mounting are fantastic options.

When using a shotgun mic, it is possible to balance performance and personal preferences. My personal preference is the Boya BY-MM1 due to the quality of its sound. The most effective action camera microphone attachment for your requirements will be the right balance between quality cost, quality, and your personal preferences.

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