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7 Common Causes of Network Problems and How to Fix Them

Network Problems

Network problems are a massive headache when you require internet service and cannot load anything. The fact is the average person spends close to seven hours each day looking at a screen and using the internet. Encountering technology problems is extra frustrating since only some people have the skills to resolve these issues.

You should know how to identify and address network issues for a seamless and beneficial online experience. Take solving your technology problems into your own hands by learning about common network issues and solutions.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about finding the right network solutions to your problems. Keep reading this article for more technology solutions today!

1. Duplicate IP Addresses

A frustrating event you will surely encounter is the dreaded duplicate IP address error. This error presents itself when you have two different devices attempting to use the same IP address. You’ll find yourself locked out of using the network.

The main reason you’ll encounter duplicate IP address issues is the router you’re using. Your router’s DHCP configuration is responsible for healing devices connected to the router. You can resolve the issue by resetting or disabling the DHCP to restore stability and performance to your internet.

An excellent pro tip to avoid duplicate IP addresses is to leave the lower slots open. Taking this step allows new devices to occupy the lower spaces for your router.

2. Slow Network Performance

Another common issue many suffer when they have network problems is a slow internet network. The primary reason behind a slow network is the amount of congestion your network faces. It also happens due to poor connections.

Many associate a slow network with poor bandwidth, but that isn’t always true. You’ll need to worry about this more if you have a leased internet line that your bandwidth comes through. It’s normal for internet providers to advertise a certain speed, with speed tests returning lower than promoted.

Speed test websites are a fantastic resource to use when trying to solve your network problems. You can identify the areas in your network holding up the overall performance. It’s also possible that you’re sharing your internet with neighbors.

Shared connections run slower, especially during peak hours when other users are home. Report your slower internet speeds to the internet provider to get the help you require for a more robust network. It’s also wise to perform network penetration testing to find out more about the threats your network faces.

3. DNS Problems

DNS problems are another network issue that many internet users despise. You’ll find out about this error when it’s presented by a message stating the DNS name doesn’t exist and that the IP address couldn’t be found. This is a network problem that an IT expert best handles since trying to fix it on your own could make it worse.

The most common reason behind a DNS failure is a lost connection to the internet. Check to ensure that your internet is up and running before you start to panic about your DNS issues. It’s also possible to take a deep dive into how you’ve set up your IP address and DNS.

4. Old Equipment

Having old equipment is a blessing and a curse when you start facing technology problems. The benefit of having issues with your old equipment is that you can identify the issue with ease. The drawback is that you’ll need to spend some money to upgrade your equipment and get your internet connection flying again.

Old and obsolete network equipment will struggle to perform and keep up with modern internet speeds and performance. It’s possible that your devices won’t connect to the old equipment at all.

Always look to the future if you notice that your equipment is starting to become obsolete. Taking the proper steps will save you a ton of headaches and ensure that your business continues to grow. Upgrading equipment is one of the most effective technology solutions.

5. Security Breaches

Security breaches are intimidating and daunting, and they’ll cause you a boatload of technical problems if you don’t take steps to address them. You must put a password on your network to prevent unauthorized users from joining. You’ll have a slow network and some serious security risks if you don’t invest in firewalls and anti-virus software.

Run a risk assessment on your network to find areas where your network is vulnerable. You can close any gaps in your security and enjoy peace of mind when browsing the internet.

6. Human Error

Many network problems result from human error. You can point to how the network was set up as a reason why you’re facing network issues. A simple mistake in entering information when setting up a network will result in issues that are complex to resolve.

Staff training goes a long way to prevent these errors and ensure a fast network. Label your devices to keep things organized for easy network solutions.

7. Power Failures

Power failures can also disrupt your internet connection and network. Having a backup power source is a wonderful idea if you want to keep your network running in the event that the power goes out. It’s essential to keep your internet running if you’re operating a business, as extended outages will cost you large sums of money.

You’ll face more network errors if you can’t find ways to run your network without overloading your power sources. Plug redundant devices into the same outlet to keep your electricity stable and your network issues at bay.

Solve These Network Problems Today

Having the skills and knowledge to resolve network problems will serve you well in your personal and professional life. A slow network is frustrating and keeps you from enjoying your time on the internet working or playing online video games. Invest in new equipment for your network and use anti-virus software to keep hackers out.

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