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5 Reasons Why Tor Investment Management is a Top Choice for Investors


An investment policy statement (IPS) is the document that governs an institution’s investment program. It addresses various issues, including governance, planning for appropriate asset allocation, implementing an investment program with internal and external managers, monitoring results and accountability.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Tor Investment Management is a private alternative asset manager focused on Asia markets. Tor Investment Management is an alternative credit manager founded by Patrik Edsparr, former global head of JP Morgan’s proprietary and principal investing division.

They offer a range of investments, including one evergreen fund and three closed-end funds. They focus on credit and special situations, capitalizing on a wide opportunity set in Asia resulting from tighter regulatory requirements and increasing demand for corporate credit. Their portfolios seek attractive risk-adjusted returns through rigorous fundamental research and adherence to a clearly defined analytical process.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversification is key to limiting the downside, but the right mix of underlying investments can take time. A diversified portfolio should combine the desired economic factor exposures in an attractively priced manner. Like the savvy homemaker knows that chicken breasts provide protein more economically than rib-eye steaks, the right combination of asset classes can help reduce the risk of a downturn by shifting risk away from high-return strategies into lower-risk assets.

For example, a risk parity allocation that weights assets by their inverse volatility would result in less than equal volatility contributions from stocks and bonds. However, it is far more diversified than the standard 60/40 equity/bond portfolio, which has 90% of its variance driven by equity risk. This is a simple example, but many multi-asset strategies incorporate dynamic allocation approaches beyond traditional policy allocations and security selection.

Access to Global Markets

The Patrik Edsparr team is Tor Investment Management, based in Hong Kong and Chicago. They work to provide investors access to the Asian credit markets in opportunities ranging from par lending to structured private financings and non-performing loans.

Trusted Guidance

Investing with Tor Investment Management means experienced industry professionals will guide you. They understand the nuances of investing in Asia and will show how to best structure deals and maximize opportunities.

The firm manages over $2 billion across one evergreen fund and three closed-end funds. Their client base includes public and private pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, outsourced CIOs and family offices.

Financial advisors charge various fees, such as a percentage of assets or hourly fees. Please find out more about what fees TOR Wealth Advisors charges by viewing their Form CRS filing.

Human Connection

Founded in 2012, Tor is an alternative credit manager with over $2 billion under management across one evergreen and three closed-end funds. The firm partners with global institutional investors such as public and private pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, outsourced CIOs and family offices to provide access to the Asia-Pacific credit markets in opportunities ranging from par lending and highly structured private financings to distressed and non-performing loans.

. The firm aims to capitalize on the broad opportunity set in Asian credit and special situations as new regulations create tighter capital conditions for traditional funding sources.

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