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5 Disney Princess Accessories for Your Princess


Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess as soon as they watch their first Disney princess movie. They start wearing different costumes, some tiaras, and even panic about applying makeup. You must have noticed the joy on your little princess’s face every time you get her some Disney princess accessories. 

Playing dress up like this encourages communication skills and creative thinking. You will help your child practise some language development and also social skills. This will encourage your girl to play with others her age or talk to adults, promoting sharing, cooperation, and teamwork. Also, when your kid puts on different princess costumes and uses accessories, the snaps, zippers, buttons, and locks push motor skills development. (1)

Therefore, it’s important for you to help your child get involved in such activities. Although getting them Disney princess accessories might seem like you’re spoiling them, it might just help them develop their emotion, physical, sensory, and cognitive skills! 

Let’s not forget the fact that it will also make your kid very popular amongst their friends and who gets all the credit? You! Get ready to be showered with kisses and hugs with the Disney princess accessories you bring your princesses! Here are some of the best accessories you can get to enhance the princess fever- 

Disney Princess Flip-Flops & Shoes 

Your little girl should have some princess shoes to wear under her princess outfits! This might just be one of the most important Disney princess accessories. You can buy all kinds of different princess shoes & flip-flops for different outfits. For example, if your little girl is wearing a glittery princess frock then you can buy the silver or golden sandals. If your little girl likes dressing up as Moana or the Little Mermaid, then you can buy Disney Princess flip-flops!

You can go to Shop Disney to get official Disney merchandise. They have beautiful Disney princess accessories like Disney Princess Golden Sandals and Disney Princess Silver Sandals. You can also buy flip-flops in different colours. You can buy Disney Princess blue flip-flops or Disney Princess pink flip-flops. 

Another amazing way to enhance your princess’s beauty is buying ballerina shoes. You can buy Disney Princess Rose Gold Ballerinas or Disney Princess Grey Ballerinas. Shop Disney has really pretty Gold Ballet slippers as well! 

Disney Princess Face Masks 

Although Covid-19 has reduced, the effects are still troubling. And therefore, as a preventive measure, it’s better to wear masks in overly crowded places. Now, this shouldn’t dampen your princess’s beauty and therefore, buy some beautiful Disney princess masks. You can buy colourful ones with princess designs to make them look prettier on your girl’s face. 

Shop Disney brings you a pretty Pink Princess Face Mask that has Rapunzel and other cute doodles on it. They also have a cute Ariel face mask in green that your little girl might love. 


If you’re thinking about Disney princess accessories that your girl can take to school, then tiffins are the best idea. They’re a necessity and lunch break is the time when all your child’s friends will gather. When they notice the pretty Disney princess tiffins, your child will automatically be the centre of attention. This will help her communication and relationship-building skills. 

Although you might think that princess tiffins might be cheap and cause food to spill, there are many brands that offer you princess-designed tiffins of good quality. Shop Disney brings you lip-lock steel tiffins with princesses. You can buy a round dark-pink tiffin set, a rectangle dark-pink tiffin set, or a light pink square and round tiffin-set. 

Princess Money Banks 

You can buy your little girl piggy or money banks with Disney Princesses. This makes for a great Disney princess accessory as it promotes your child to manage her own finances. It will help your girl to save money and give her incentives as well. Every time she gets money, she will remember to put it in her cute little money bank. This will promote financial planning fun from a young age. And let’s not forget that it will be fun for her too. You can buy a cute Disney Princess Pink Money Bank at Shop Disney! 

Princess-Shaped Hooks 

Get your girls Princess-shaped hooks to hang her princess costumes. You can use different types of hooks for different purposes too. There are ones with self-adhesives so that you can stick them on top of doors or glass. Every time your girl has to use a hook, she’ll have to figure out how to do it. This enhances her problem-solving skills. Hooks are a great way to make things fun and decorative as well. You can use different Disney Princess Shape Hooks on different walls and form a design out of them. You can hang different items or fairy lights on them to make a princess den. They really make up for one of the best Disney princess accessories. Get access to some of the best Princess hooks at Shop Disney today!

These are just some of the many Disney Princess Accessories you can get online for your princess! Check out the entire Disney princess merchandise at Shop Disney.

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