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5 Common Machinery Maintenance Errors to Avoid for Your Business


Do you run or own a business? Have you ever wondered what common machining maintenance errors are?

Maintaining expensive machinery can be a hassle. However, it helps increase productivity.

Most manufacturers know that maintenance is essential to operating machinery. However, they make mistakes. They can cause extensive damage to their equipment.

To avoid this, here are some common machinery maintenance errors for your factory.

1. Failing to Lubricate Machinery Parts

Failing to lubricate machinery parts is a common machinery maintenance error that many business owners make.

Without proper lubrication, machinery parts can wear down quickly. This can lead to dangerous and potentially expensive repairs.

Regular lubrication of parts prevents rust and the buildup of debris. It also increases the machine’s efficiency.

Good lubrication programs should be included as part of the machinery maintenance plan. If skilled technicians are available to perform professional lubrication on a regular basis, it is best to have them do it.

If not, the business owner should be trained to properly lubricate the machinery parts.

2. Using the Wrong Type of Lubricant

Many types of lubricants have different characteristics and do not perform the same functions. This can lead to critical maintenance errors.

Heavy-duty machinery may require a special formula of lubricant. This is to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Without the proper lubricant, components of the machine can become worn out prematurely. This can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

A lubricant can also become contaminated by other oils. This can result in lost productivity, clogged filters, and decreased efficiency.

3. Neglecting to Check or Replace Moving Parts

Neglecting to check moving parts can lead to malfunctions. This can also lead to increased energy consumption and even the breakdown of machinery components. Checking the condition of the moving parts on a regular basis or replacing machine parts can stop potential damage.

Businesses should also make sure to use the right lubricant on the right moving parts. It is important to know what lubricant is compatible with its components.

4. Failing to Do Regular Maintenance or Inspections

Without regular inspection and maintenance, machines might be subject to mechanical failures. This can stop production and can be costly to repair.

Furthermore, regular servicing ensures health and safety on the work site and protects workers from hazards.

Make sure to check for replacements of worn parts or components. This can ensure functionality and cleaning or lubricating belts or pulleys as necessary.

5. Improper Storing of Machinery and Parts

Improper storage can lead to dust, condensation, and rust which can damage machinery.

Make sure to keep them in climate-controlled areas and label them. This can keep parts from becoming damaged.

It also reduces the likelihood of parts being mislabeled. Provide employees with clear guidelines and expectations for where pieces of machinery and parts should be stored to reduce errors in storage and use.

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Common Machinery Maintenance Errors to Avoid

Proper machinery maintenance is essential for corporate efficiency and longevity. Poor maintenance can lead to costly repairs or potential disasters.

Follow the outlined guidelines to keep your machinery running properly and your business successful. Act now and speak with a qualified maintenance technician to avoid common machinery maintenance errors.

If you are interested in learning more about machinery maintenance, check out this article for information.

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