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5 Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting for Contractors


With QuickBooks Enterprise solutions, you can manage your business hassle-free. If you run a construction company, you also need to manage contractors, subcontractors, job quotes, and more. You can also run it in a single location using QuickBooks Enterprise. To extend the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise, you should prioritize QuickBooks web hosting. All your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. That said, besides lightweight management, QuickBooks enterprise hosting has other benefits.

Top 5 benefits of QB Hosting:

Enhanced Collaboration

Currently, the list of benefits of QuickBooks hosting has better collaboration. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can integrate almost any feature, desktop or online, into a single platform. Enterprise Cloud provides the ability for different users to make changes to specific files at the same time. It’s certainly better than the email chains normally used without cloud services.

Team members working on similar projects can use the same documentation to make as many changes as needed. Ultimately, employee productivity will increase, and project deadlines will not change.

Budget Tracking

While running a business, you need to set operating expenses and capital as constraints and set a budget. But when it comes to setting up in the field, the cost is much higher because it involves a lot of other things. For example, you need to hire a technical expert to set up your IT infrastructure and manage your hardware. It costs you more.

However, if you switch to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, you will have to pay most of the hosting fee. Apart from that, you can save on the cost of installing hardware and QuickBooks on any system. The application runs only in the cloud. This allows you to access it from anywhere and deducts additional rental costs.

Run The Business Remotely

Hosting services in the cloud allows employees to work anytime, anywhere on Hosted VDI remotely with optimum security. Apart from that, you can easily track ongoing and completed projects. Also, if everything is integrated into one place, future processes can be easily planned. You can monitor and guide your employees without having to be physically present.

Great Uptime

As a business owner, you never want to lose one of your customers. If you work physically, you may be late or unable to explain the status of your project to your clients. Apart from that, you need to work undisturbed at the construction company to meet your needs.

One of the benefits of QuickBooks enterprise hosting is the uptime provided by QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud guarantees 99.999% uptime. In this way, you won’t lose your customers at any time of the day. You can run your business at any time.

Disaster recovery

Apart from that, if you save the document to the cloud, you can save the data and access it at any time. Data is also backed up daily so that the data stored in the cloud is always up to date. When it comes to enterprise web hosting, the risk factors are very low.


Hosting QuickBooks with an Intuit-certified provider such as Apps4rent guides to migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive, with some benefits for users. These users can enjoy the flexibility of automatic updates and data entry automation, multi-user access, remote access, and file sharing with full cloud capabilities.

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